Brawling is Broke

Here is why,

No way to see public games for pvp.

When they do make it so the game is pvp you should be able to see classes paragon levels. Also what classes are in the game.

No more than 4 players too a game is boring.

When they do open it up for 8 they should be able to make as many parties as they want within the same game... So players can choose 2man vs 6man or any combination. 16 vs 16 would be something short of epic in one game.

Chat is a joke make lobbies we can join.

There is more but I must do domesticated things and not cry anymore. But I will follow up at a later date.

Add if you feel the same.
02/17/2013 04:39 PMPosted by Mac
Chat is a joke make lobbies we can join.


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