Dynamic DPS Gauging ingame - implementation needs a fix

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I'm sure many people are baffled at the following:

1) In order to get an efficient and timely dps check in game, we have to spam chat channels with items from the gold AH, or RMAH. This is currently capped to six items at a time. However, with the more items we link, and the faster we join games to go in game to check the items we linked in order to see DPS modifier, we run the risk of "rate input reached", and it logs us out.

Blizzard needs to allow the dynamic gauging of stats while browsing items in the AH, or RMAH, instead of forcing us to link items in chat channels, and running the risk of logging ourselves out via hitting the rate input limit when linking items, and joining games quickly.

Blizzard has (we assume) some of the best software engineers, and game design teams in the world, yet this is an issue? Who else would love to simply hover over an item while browsing gear in the AH, and see (red or green) modifications to stats we are looking to improve. This is all about efficiency, and quickness, and optimization. The way we have to do it now to check items while in game is inefficient, and poor game design.
I believe that in time they will add in such a feature. But where is it at on their priority list. That is the what will determine when we will see it added in.
Bump for sure.

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