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Yes, I see these posts a lot. Yes, I understand most of them suck. Mine does not.

#1 - Random affixes on legendary gear

Even moreso than just Firewalkers or simple !@#$ like that, legendaries should all come with permanent affixes. Why can't a player get a waller amulet? Where's the true elemental damage and the mobs who would be more damaged by certain types? Where's our Boots of Desecration? Where's our Ring of Reflect Damage? There's more than enough affixes in this game that gear can be varied to an increasing degree, and there's definitely enough potential for more affixes (elemental spells, true poison damage, paralysis, MP burn) for gear to keep people from all having the same damn thing.

#2 - Listen to your community and their efforts, purpose-built crafting

Make gear with community-developed builds in mind. Everybody has Vile Wards mostly due to the fact that they are the best jack-of-all-trades shoulders available (as well as some new crafted items being BiS as well). However, just for instance, I am a LL/Meteor Spam Wiz and I need items with Attack Speed, Shock Pulse Bonus, and Int. I have different needs than an Archon or a CM wiz. Which leads me to this:

A: PURPOSE-BUILT CRAFTING. Instead of silly random elements like tears and eyes and hooves and all of that, items with certain abilities should create elements that reflect said item when salvaged. Let's say you pick a certain shoulder because simply of its looks, you should be able to salvage attributes you need from gear that provides it, such as lightning damage from a wand or intelligence from an amulet, and custom create your gear based on the loot you have found throughout the world. Let's say I salvage a 400 dps Legendary wand and get its lighting elemental bonus, I salvage an amulet with higher int and acquire the int as a bonus, and even pick up a few gems along the way that provide a bonus to Dex or whatever. I should be able to infuse all of these elements into a shoulder that I picked simply for looks and receive a completely custom, purpose built, not-too-overpowered set of Spaulders that meet my need for stats, looks, and attributes that I created through my efforts in the game world, not simply being the victim of the RNG (but still having to play the random-numbers game in the process). The AH could become less of a crutch for top-gear and more of a parts shop for your own custom built awesomeness, keeping its validity while removing the reliance on the damn thing. As a bonus, the gear could at least change color (or be fused with the various dyes available throughout the game) depending on stats.

This purpose-built crafting alone would make loot runs a lot more enjoyable and give the crafting metagame within Diablo 3 more of a sense of purpose.
As an added bonus, whites, grays, and blues would once again have purpose, especially if we were able to work up to a kickass weapon via stacking salvaging of material of greys and whites.

C'mon Bliz, let's get this crafting in gear. It's the key to the longevity of D3.

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