#1 PvP Monk in US - Accepting all Challengers

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Post here or add me with a note!

accepting all challengers! will stream it!
#1 in what? Is your profile showing your PVP gear?
hmm maybe in skill in pvp tho, not in equip. or no one beats him in US in pvp.
yes my profile is my pvp gear! gear isnt everything ! :)
#1, impressive
Cyon here to challenge.
#1 monk :O

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So what happened with the challenge with Cyon?
gg last night, thanks again for the duel

Viri won 5-3
How did the PuddingHead vs Viri duel go? Also, how was Cyon? If Cyon was able to win, I would like to try too!
which is puddinghead? havent dueled cyon yet.
what about myon?
Check diabloprogress, sort by PvP, you'll see Puddinghead.
Myon Beat me first to five:


Never ever have i seen a tanky build like his for a DH, this is good im getting a TON of DH invites, i havent had any practise vs good DHs until yesterday for a few duels.
how do u sort by pvp on diablo progress? i cant find it. can only find the pvp dummy.
Add me, well do some when I get off work ^^
Saying your #1 is quite the statement. I am interested in taking you on. I don't have near the tanky gear that Myon does however looking at your gear i think i can 1 shot you with impale/chemical burn which will make for some very short and faced paced battles
Baller monk. Seen him do work several times.
Team PPF & vVv Gaming
Ikr being a monk in pvp is everything hahaha.
I think puddinghead's lieutenant, me, can beat you. And I'm like rank 1000 in PvP

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