Encourage farming diversity. New boss NV stack system.

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I want to throw out some practical ideas to improve farming diversity. I like where we are right now with item farming. Item mechanics aside (that's a different discussion), we're in a good place with a balance between finding legendaries that could be lottery tickets, and incremental craft gambling for yourself.

Diverse farming route options is the next big pre-expansion step to tackle. I'm trying to stay practical here, and not go off on any tangents or rant about massive subjective flaws in the game. I want to offer ideas within the context of simple solutions that could be done pre-expansion, vs. ideas that require serious overhaul. Trying to stay within reality with these ideas rather than saying, "OMG REDO EVERYTHING LIKE PATH OF EXILE EXCEPT FOR GAMEPLAY LOLZ THEN I'LL PLAY AGAIN".

New NV Stack System for Bosses

The details of this could vary dramatically. And I think it's up to Blizzard to figure out exactly how this works. Ideas would include:

  • Killing bosses adds a stack of this new NV.
  • "New NV" doesn't add to your MF, but adds to your chances to find legendaries from elite packs and future bosses.
  • Having 5 (maximum) "new NV" stacks AND 5 traditional NV stacks guarantees a legendary drop from future bosses.
  • I haven't done any counts, so I'm not sure how many bosses (bosses defined as guaranteed to drop 2+ rares when you're at 5 NV stacks) are possible in each act.
  • I think something clever would have to be created for balance in terms of MP and guaranteed legendary drop. Because obviously, there's no reason not to play on MP1 and speed through the entire game as fast as possible. Not sure of a solution here yet.

As stated above, I think the details around this will vary to be properly balanced. It would encourage players to play through the quests and greater areas of the game, and encourage progressing from one act to the next. I think something like this would work if Blizzard refuse to create an "open play" that allows traveling between acts, killing any boss you want at any time, etc. Obviously we couldn't have open play AND this idea, as it would give players the ability to kill 15-20 bosses across all 4 acts in no time at all.

Lets see. I will only see this possible of 2~3 Hours to get 5 Stack if play without any speed run.
I believe leave the game will in result of NV buff remove.

1 Act only have 3 Boss (Boss won't spawn if the quest was already over)

To finish a Act with Average Gear takes about an hour including picking up and buy/sell items.

So... the only positive 100% drop of Legendary will be Belial and above if Buff Stack starts from Skeleton King.
I think Blizz could consider upgrading certain bosses to actually be BOSSES in terms of dropping 2+ rare drops and qualifying for boss-NV.

Act 1

Upgrade Chancellor Eamon
Warden, Butcher

Act 2

Upgrade Shatterbone

Act 3


Act 4


Maybe this list of bosses isn't enough to make the idea work right now? Maybe the bossNV stacks should only require 3 before you get legendaries from future bosse? I think the principle behind the idea could work with the right balance and game tweaks.
This is the same thing that ruined the rares, guaranteeing they drop. I don't want to be guareenteed anything, I just what the items to be good. Guaranteeing ledgd drops will further weaken the quality of these items.
Guaranteed legendaries is a horrible idea.
02/20/2013 08:56 AMPosted by newlife
This is the same thing that ruined the rares, guaranteeing they drop. I don't want to be guareenteed anything, I just what the items to be good. Guaranteeing ledgd drops will further weaken the quality of these items.

I don't disagree with this.. but what's done is done. NV stacks and guaranteed rares are already in the game. I'm trying to find an idea that is in line with core design philosophies already implemented. And, most importantly, to encourage questing and playing through acts.

Aside from the need for community feature improvements, Diablo 3 needs to get players experiencing the breadth of content instead of falling into a Diablo 2-esque mold. I think it's important for the longevity to have diverse farming options. I want to sit down knowing I can farm 15-30 minutes and do a couple alk runs. Or, if I'm going to play for a 3 hour sitting.. do entire acts in line with an idea like the above.

I'm trying to think about long-term design routes and their benefits for the entire game. Implementing features to get players playing through entire acts opens up future possibilities. If players are going through entire acts, it's easier to implement a new random event system that actually has value. If people are just doing alk and vault runs, it makes it kind of hard to throw in additional randomness scattered throughout for end-game farming fun.
02/20/2013 08:57 AMPosted by Socrates
Guaranteed legendaries is a horrible idea.

I think a lot of people are experiencing at least one legendary an hour these days during efficient farming.

If it takes you 30 minutes to 2 hours to "work up" the boss stacks to get guaranteed legendaries from future bosses, it seems like a good pull to get players experiencing entire acts again. And it isn't too overpowered. I think it comes down to the right balance, which is Blizzard's job.

Guaranteed legendaries isn't a horrible idea as long as the details are balanced.

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