Computer Crashes when in Scorched Chapel

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I've had my computer crash 3 times while brawling in the scorched chapel. This happen when there was a lot going on the screen (i.e. blizzard, hydra, rain of vengence all at once). I had my graphics settings to the lowest possible, too. Below are my computer specs:

Dell XPS 8300
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 3.10GHZ
Ram: 6 GB
Video Card: Geforce GTX550Ti @ 1024MB

These crashes have led me to start up in safe mode to make sure my computer isn't permanently corrupted. I've had no issues playing D3 prior to 1.07. I have not tried 1.07 PvE to see if crashes, too. I'm worried my computer would be down permanently if I continue to play D3. Hope you guys take a look at it.

Anyone else have this problem?

I need a complete description of what you mean by "I've had my computer crash 3 times". Is there a message? Does the computer reboot? Do you have to power the computer off and on to recover?

Can you check the temperatures your cpu and gpu are reaching while playing?

Download and run HWMonitor from:

Now start the game and let it run several minutes. Then exit or alt-tab out and see what the highest temperature is that was reached for both the cpu and gpu.
There was no message when my computer crashed. The computer did not reboot. I had to manually power it down to restart it. The max temperatures while playing are:

CPU: 63oC (145oF)
GPU: 77oC (170oF)

Your cpu "could" be getting too hot, it's hard to say just from that reading.

Try downloading and running Prime 95 for 5-10 minutes, no longer, and see if you experience the same sort of shutdown or experience errors. Prime95 is a stress tester for cpus and ram somewhat. It can heat up the cpu very quickly and is good for exposing any problems the cpu has with cooling.
the prime95 link directs me to download a program called PC Fix speed. All it does is scan my computer for errors and does not stress test my CPU.

Try getting it from the link I updated in the above post.
I ran the Prime95 for 7 minutes and my computer did not reboot itself nor shut down on its own.

Ok, that's a good sign. I hate to suggest it but I'd try swapping out the video card next with any other card and see if the problem still happens. If it doesn't, I'd move on to the power supply and then the ram. As you can see, I'm concentrating on the pc hardware The game itself has no means to shut computers off, but it can overheat things and cause a lot of stress to the point hardware can fail if it's not working properly in the first place.
ok. I'll see what I can do. Since I have a dell, it may not be so easy to swap parts. My thought is that this only started since 1.07 came out so for me, red flags go up.
I have had similar problems since the patch as well. I have always run diablo with the graphics settings on max and never had any issues but now it shuts off my computer even after only a couple of minutes.
I don't think its caused by overheating and all my temps seem fine running CPUID. It has only happened when playing Diablo.
I can guarantee it has nothing to do with heat; CPU 63C is not hot!

I'm getting no signal on my monitor within several minutes to an hour playing D3. I need to manually shut down my PC since the reset button only gives me a beep. Run as Administrator has been enabled, lowered the graphics [ running a GTX 295 ], etc. Until this latest patch everything has been working fine.

I hope we will see a fix soon.

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