How Crafting Failed! A sad story.

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I'm not bothering quoting. I've found two legend plans in ~900 hours. Lucky me! It doesn't help that they aren't worth crafting however.

It is unfortunate the plans dropped in price so quickly. The rate on them is quite high.
02/17/2013 03:55 PMPosted by Pickering
It's still insanely low for the legendary plans.

yea but crafting legendaries suck. and you can't sell Boas. this is the problem

Billions should have never made it into the game. At least not until 2 years into the game. The RMAH is the reason stuff is so highly priced. For a person to farm 1 billion gold would take an extremely long time. This includes finding gg items. Sure you could say well 1 gg item could sell for 1 billion, but who's going to buy it? Only people who bought gold because nobody finds 1 billion gold coins.Now suppose you were extremely lucky and found 50 items that sold for 20 million gold each in your travels, chances are you wouldn't blow all that hard earned gold on 1 item considering 20 million gold items would be quite gg to begin with and you just sold 50 of them for 20 million.Basically, the ability to buy large sums of gold with real money inflates the market prices because there is an outside chance that one of these gold buys will get impatient and throw whatever gold it takes to get your 20 million gold item.

Hmmm I don't get why people say this. Billions isn't unrealistic for top gear. Most Top end gear trades for over the 2bil cap. in the 3-5 billion range. Then super elite gear is 8bil +. That brings us to the highest item ever sold. The echoing fury that was 40billion for 1 item. The barb that bought it uses it for his off hand. Yea that's how its supposed to be. If its that rare. If its one of a kind it deserves that price. Billion gold items aren't for casuals or even some of the dedicated. There isn't anything wrong with that. I don't have a billion gold item and I think this is how it should be. If you want best in slot it should cost 5, 10 who knows 50billion gold. why should there be a limit ?
This game shouldn't have an AH or online economy in the first place, and the new crafting recipes were a step in the right direction. I've been very critical of D3 but these changes were clearly made based on the consideration of the vast majority of complaints from players.
This game shouldn't have an AH or online economy in the first place, and the new crafting recipes were a step in the right direction. I've been very critical of D3 but these changes were clearly made based on the consideration of the vast majority of complaints from players.

I really don't understand how there is a game without a economy can you explain that to me.? The vast majority of complaints were by casuals that shouldn't have best in slot gear and they QQ. Economy is what makes this a game. Same in d2 same in most games.. same in d3.
02/17/2013 07:51 AMPosted by Abomb247
Everyone should have access to good gear. 5 billion doesn't give that. People would still have better gear then others because of the way loot rolls. It just shouldn't cost 5 bill or over 20 million in fact.

This is like saying everyone should have access to a million dollar home. Well we all know the reality there. Hope that is a good analogy to help you understand.

I think it would be awesome if everyone had access to a million dollar home IF it was possible. I would hope people would be happy for those who are able to upgrade their living condition. But I guess some selfish people would be angry because their house is now less valuable or special.
As Oprah Winfrey would say:

You get a GG item!

And you get a GG item!

And you get a GG item!

And you get a GG item!

I've seen players already with 2-3+ items that would be worth 500+ million each and they crafted it in 5-10 tries lulz. Pretty disappointing for the players that actually acquired their gear/gold from lots of farming and AH studying.
Only sad thing about this is you. People wanted a reason to kill boss's blizzard gave them one. If the drop rates were very low that would defeat this whole idea. As for Boa I don't care as long as I get a great item. I'll vendor it or salvage it when I get an upgrade. I play to play, not to try and get enough cash to buy a power rangers action figure or what ever it is you want. I want to craft, now I can craft.

You're way all the plans would be out of reach for me just as the current items are. We don't all bot and flip.

Yes great plan if your loaded and have the gold to buy these very rare plans, then if the items were not boa you could create a monopoly and cash in.

You are exactly why Blizzard made the plans easy to get and the drops boa.

YES! EXACTLY! Haha I see people in trade and it's debilitating that they say oh look, here's this awesome item. I will sell it for nothing less than 46 million gold. 46 million [BSG word]. That's just unrealistic. Super items shouldn't be that exponentially expensive. It's like some of you just log(x) with x = gold and y = ego, and, man, you set that y to the horizontal asymptote to "I am gods."

The only way to really enter the AH at the high end is to find high end stuff. So we now have these nifty, new plans so we don't have to drudge around the bottom hoping to crawl to the top after months of paragon leveling.

And when I find an item that's relatively useful, it's exponentially cheap. Doesn't sell.
Hmmm I don't get why people say this. Billions isn't unrealistic for top gear.

It isn't unrealistic over time. All i'm saying is that the RMAH accelerated the process of inflation by allowing people willing to spend money to buy large sums of gold to outbid regular players. It puts people who don't want to spend money at a disadvantage when it comes to bidding on items. I agree that some items should be priced very high and they could be without the inflation of the RMAH.

02/17/2013 06:51 PMPosted by Abomb247
The echoing fury that was 40billion
would cost 400 million of hard fought gold instead of 40 billion of bought gold. And without the RMAH gold would be of greater value and naturally item prices would reflect that.
Surprising how many are anti-BOUND to ACCOUNT, but really most aren't.. People are greedy and it is only about who is rich and who is poor. There is no middle class in D3. I have yet to hear about anyone who has made over $100,000 selling on RMAH since D3 release. I am not referring to gold farmers with 300 bots. D3 shouldn't be a job; it is a game -- have fun with it. Why can't those who can't afford to spend 100, 200, plus million game gold have their day once in awhile. Remember BOA crafting has no guarantee. One guy crafted over 100 1.07 BOA amulets without finding a single upgrade. A good many have quit because D3 is no longer fun. Some like to find their own upgrades. They aren't crazy in love with the auction house.

Blizzard is focused on the whole, not just one group or two. Balance. Quit thinking negative -- be subjective. Play other characters. If only softcore, play some hardcore. Quit getting so bored with the game and focusing only on $$$. Share the fun.
They should make legendary plans to only be able to use 1-10 times then you need to find another plan. The legendary plans need to have high chance to make something good and its not Account Bound nor is the crafted item. People can either buy the plan from the AH or go farm it them self. Boss can have high chance to drop legendary plans but normal monster can also drop them but chance is lower.

I think the only thing that make crafting and farming for gear to working together is let Crafting improve your gear.

For example:

1. You found a good gloves with high Main Stats, Attack Speed, critical damage and CC. Then you can use crafting to "improve" your gear by pay a fee then you can have a chance to make the glove to have higher main stats, Attack Speed, Critical dmg, CC or something else.

2. Like alot of people want socket in their weapon they can try to use Crafting to make a socket in their weapon by also pay a fee but it should be costly.

3. You need legendary item to be able to "improve" your gear and it doesn't matter which legendary you use but you need the same legendary. For Example you want to "improve" your gloves then you need a legendary gloves and if you want to "improve" your weapon then you need a legendary weapon. That way all legendary is useful.

4. "Improve" your legendary should be costly, so we can take more gold out of the game. You can only "Improve" your gear 1-3 times for each item.
02/17/2013 05:13 AMPosted by Abomb247
Profession means you make gold from it.


Crafting is a profession in so much as if you cannot find gear, you can make it yourself.
I expect some things left out of D3 upon release may show up in the expansion -- if and when released. Perhaps, socketing an item would make it BOA. Most items out now would end up being replaced if expansion comes out. Item level 62, 63 would no longer be good enough for people.
Remember when crafting was awesome. It was a vital part of this game. It was rare to have top crafting plans. ? Ahhhh the good old days.

Nope. I can't recall when it was awesome but anyway... D3 crafting system is awful because the randomness you can get out of crafting is extremely broad. It is nothing like D2's cube. It's more like Gheed's gamble. That's where it fails.

There's a lot of power in a name.

Come on, Blizzard, please define Gambling and Crafting; and Scam and Blacksmith.
According to the OP you should have to come to him and others like him to buy all of your plans, gears, crafting mats, etc... You do not deserve to have them. Well OP Blizz disagrees with you and they are the ones that have the final say. I say that the crafting plans are dropping at a rate that I like. I can now finally get both artisans where they have all plans within a reasonable time. I only had a few plans prior to this patch.

If you have to spend millions of gold on crafting plans now how are you suppose to be able to craft? So are you saying that crafting should only be for the super rich. Sorry but I agree with Blizz the drop rate of the plans are where they should be.
Home ownership isn't a game.
Remember when crafting was awesome. It was a vital part of this game.

We don't really have to think that far back. 1.07 was only released last week
I don't care about the economy.
I just want to get good gear.
I don't care about the economy.
I just want to get good gear.

What you gonna do after you have good gear? I'd rather have them fix the stupid lag spikes that affects a certain group of people every single new patch comes out.
02/17/2013 09:48 PMPosted by MisterAjikko
What you gonna do after you have good gear?

Get better gear. Either crafted, found, or from the AH.
When upgrades become too expensive, get good gear for my other toons.
Actually, the D3 economy is a rather precise replication of the real economy. A few Haves peddling their luxurious wares at ever higher prices and many have-nots struggling to get along at all while being squeezed for every penny they have. The harsh truths (and prices tags) in the local Auction Houses describe a world in which a pungent mixture of greed and mathematics have overcome the old values of decency and restraint.
In D3, as IRL, you either get with it - or you get lost. This game may be fatally flawed as a game, but it sure is holding up the mirror to us. Not a flattering sight. Gaming has lost its innocence.

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