Waller is a broken affix

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Yeah, I don't mind Waller, even when I'll die from being trapped in combination with certain affixes (ie Mortar, Arcane, Desecrator, ect). But I'll jump on the band wagon for air bound spells not being able to fly over top of the walls. Especially, as some have pointed out, Mortar has no problem going over the walls.

From a logical stand point, this is nonsense. Hell, I can melee thru the wall to hit the enemy if we're each close to the wall but on different sides. Once again, that makes no sense while flying attacks get blocked.

I honestly don't care either way, the Waller affix is what it is and I play accordingly to deal with it.

Play it @0.50

How could you possibly check that mob's affix before you get close without being walled first in the vid?
Waller is a broken affix... or rather, it's a retarded affix.

I don't see it make the game harder at all, it just makes any good skilled player look like a clown.
Haha, no problems with Spirit Barrage!

Maybe some DH skills should be able to bypass walls and do damage, just like wizard's archon and barbarian's smash. I vote Grenades and anything with rockets.
how is waller a broken affix?! this was never a problem since release. RD is nerfed. quit whining. play hardcore, and get an out. problem solved.
a broken affix doesn't mean it needed to be nerfed.

The wall should be at least 20 feet high in appearance; otherwise, it's considered broken. It looks so short that my monk should have jumped over to the other side of the wall so easily instead of looking like he's trapped by some random sandwall in the kids playground.
02/20/2013 09:16 AMPosted by Rypper
So no one ever got trapped between walls before? Like so trapped that u CANT vault away?

picturing you mashing the keyboard in utter panic for the 2 seconds a wall lasts for makes me smile.

The point is, you guys need to think about what function waller actually serves. If it means to trap you so u cant move completely, there is already another one called "jailer" which does the same thing. If its a wall then it should stay a wall/walls, i don't mind it spawning 4 walls and have me pinned in a small square, but being stuck by walls is definitely not it should be doing
I really like the waller affix...when it works. Indoors waller is a pain to deal with, especially if you are ranged. Melee classes have this ability to fight through walls but ranged characters have almost no hope to hit their targets when behind a wall.

When waller is placed in its U shape it is optimal for gameplay, creating many situations that are interesting. Sometimes it spawns sort in a Z shape which is good. Just about everything it does outside works great, and can be very fun.

When waller spawns near a solid object, like a wall or statue, it spawns as an unusual shape. Not like when it is placed outside away from solid objects.

When waller is used indoors it naturally creates many situations where escape is impossible , because of almost always being near a solid object. Sometimes it "jails" the player without that bug (which still exists in 1.0.7). Often when it spawns strangely there can be no escape so death is the only option for players wanting to escape the walls.

Therefore, I think blizzard needs to fix waller overall. It needs to spawn better when it is next to solid objects. Indoor it may need to be smaller to prevent too many impossible situations.

TLDR: Waller needs a some redesign especially indoors to make it a challenge for players not an advantage for monsters.

I lost a dh on hc inferno to waller, arcane, desecrator, and fast elites. I don't complain about it. It's a working game mechanic. HTFU OP. End of story.
Haha, no problems with Spirit Barrage!

Maybe some DH skills should be able to bypass walls and do damage, just like wizard's archon and barbarian's smash. I vote Grenades and anything with rockets.

Bola already does....and everyone uses it. Problem solved!
The only thing i do not like about waller as a dh is that it still spawns on top of me literally trapping me in the wall. My shots will not hit the elites but they can still hit me. If i could still shoot them wouldnt be an issue even if the wall did spawn on top of me.
I completly complety agree everything said by OP.

I think waller is by far the worst designed monster affix and needs a complete overhaul
I've been trapped directly in the wall multiple times before. Sometimes I die and sometimes I survived. Luckily Spike Traps are able to lay directly in the walls so an edge is protruding and monsters touch it and gives life back. With my monk it's no problem with WOL. The bell goes right over it so walls is not a problem at all.

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