SNS Wizard Breakpoints

Well im wondering is it worth to get the breakpoints from 26 to 28 [from 2.01 as to 2.13] ?
I have quite decent wiz, balanced with dps and surv [stats without follower : 46.6hp, 5.3k buffed armor (energy armor buff), 8.8% melle reduction, &% reduction vs elites 530-580 res [unbuffed, i use energetic armor over prismatic on high mp) 2.1k reg, 900loh, 2.8%ls, 2.01as, 139kdps unbuffed (43.5cc, 344cd, +10%dps vs elites in total)]

And i do wonder what to do now..
Going from 2.01 as to 2.13 would cost me around 150-190kk [without sacrificing any other stats, thats the price for straight upgrade that wont take away anything], in the other hand for that price i think i could rise up other stats quite higher [i could upgrade either hp itself or all res or pure dps]

I can do a solo run on mp10 [well it wont be the fastest one for that i lack around 70-90k dps, the boarder of quick farm is around mp 6-8 for me, and by quick i mean the mp on wich it wont take more than 20-30s to kill elite pack], i can stunlock ghom or stand in butcher fire etc...
I can solo ubbers as well without kicking the enrage on mp 9-10.

I just wonder is it worth to pump up more as at that point....
cant see your profile. But imho, you should try for 2.74BP, 650-700AR(unbuffed),4500 amour(unbuffed), about 50% cc and 800-1k Loh. With those stats you drop EA and go for SA(shocking aspect for the extra dps) and use diamond shards. You prolly can use SNS on MP5-6 with those stats.
02/18/2013 05:56 AMPosted by Liquid
cant see your profile.

Haven't seen such an.. interesting CM Wizard for a long while.
Yea i forget to add im an EU player so to see the profile you have to type the EU one :)
And i do use almost all SNS wiz skills [except for the shock armor, i drop this one on mp 7-8, i use it on 4-6] so not much to change here =)
CM wiz is a really complicated mechanism and it's amazing because every aspect works together perfectly. You should try at least 2.51 breakpoint because high attack speed increases the effectiveness of LoH and increases your survivability. You need to invest a bit more on defensive stats like armor and res even if it means you need to lose some paper dps, because by doing so, you can drop energy armor and switch to shock armor (shocking aspect) which gives you about 30% to 40% more damage(depend on your ias and cc). In general, higher ias and cc means better control, better survivability, more offensive skills and greater performance.
My guess is you'll see the most improvement going from 2.3 APS breakpoint to the 2.5 breakpoint, in terms of jumping APS points. The LoH returns are significantly improved (around 8x your LoH value per second at 2.5 APS) so you can basically cut the LS from your weapon, which opens options for higher dps weapons. Also, the higher APS raises your survivability because you can refresh DS more often, which makes higher MP easier with less armor/resist/LoH/LS. That means you could run SNS at higher MP. In general higher APS just makes things a lot easier. I'm speaking from experience too as I recently tried a 30 APoC, 2.01 APS build. It worked, but the survivability was an issue on MP7 with 150k dps and about 1500 LoH, even with blood magic. I didn't die, but there were a lot of close calls. I bumped it up to 2.5 APS with 20 APoC and I have much less issues with survival, even after dropping BM for electrify. Higher APS makes it even easier to survive, but then starts to make gearing for dps a bit harder, which is why I plan to stay at the 2.5 breakpoint for a while.

If you want to see specifics about what differences there are between the breakpoints, try plugging some numbers into Steve's CMWW dps simulator.

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