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Any more?
Blizzard, stack
Being able to add sockets, for a high price so that you can't just socket all your gear and call it a day.

More balanced skills, it's getting there but there's still so many skills that never get used.

Better itemization. It's not fun sifting through mountains of useless loot so we don't feel like going to the AH is our only hope for an upgrade. Crafting is a step in the right direction, although I think a good philosophy is less drops, but higher quality.

Add more systems for deeper character customization. Enchanting would be cool, be able to replace one affix for another or something like that.

Actual PvP, I really hope they're still working on it. Brawling is 'eh'. I want leaderboards, points, XP, and objective oriented matches. If D3 could pull something like this off it would be awesome, but unfortunately seems like a ways off. As in, 'might not happen' ways off.

Better social features.

And of course, an expansion that involves rescuing the soul of Deckard Cain or something. Because I'm still upset he's dead.
I just want to see an item overhaul... so that whatever the stat is that everyone wants is kinda all over the place... the idea, like D2 being that a person can use just about anything in the game to be better, while certain items fit better than others... I don't want to HAVE to get a Manticore... I don't want to HAVE to get a Witching Hour, these items are so limiting... stop making BiS anything and just make BiS for a certain build... so, the choices become staggering and varied.

^^ would fix the entire itemization of the game!!!!

How so. I like the rng. I like that legendaries can be used by several classes depending on the rng roll. He acts like in D2 everyone did not want a socketed Shako or an enigma. Every class in D2 had it's must have gear. Why was that ok in D2 but not in d3?

it seems everyone's idea of itemization is every item drop is geared for their class.

I'm calling for more items that CAN be used... but also, they are varied to a point where you wouldn't equip them unless you used X build. It adds more options and allows for more items to be BiS.
Remember guys, the posts in the OP are mine... however the community section is for you guys to vent your OPINIONS... I don't necessarily say that it will save or help the game, but again, it is nice to see what people think of certain things... after all, if one is thinking it, there may be more to it! Thanks!
We need more support here...
Can I get a darn sticky blues... seriously???
Well, I'll hand it to them, the new developer journal looks great!!!! Can't wait guys...
Barbarians need a new passive called "Sword and Board"... When using a shield allows the user to block 15% more of the time on top of what the shield does. On top of this, when you successfully block, you retaliate for 50% weapon damage (this effect can crit).

That 15% would be an insanely high amount considering barbs already have massive mitigation from their main stat and two other purely defensive passives (tough as nails and nerves of steel).

Not to mention that would make the almost immortal barbs in pvp pretty well... immortal.

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