200 mln gold to spend

I am having a hard time thinking how to upgrade my barb.
Lacuni with crit or mempo ?
Maybe a new set of jewelery?
I am able to keep my fury up all the time and clear mp7-8 quite fast. I would gladly jump into mp9-10 .
Any suggestions how to improve?
Budget is : 200 mln gold
I'd start crafting bracers, gloves, and shoulders. STR bracers, STR gloves, and VIT shoulders. You've backed yourself into a corner a bit with the set bonus on your ring and ammy so you may want to craft ammys in the hopes of rolling something that at least matches your ammy now + set bonus, allowing you to have more freedom with rings.

A better IK belt is a really easy place to get 100 more mainstat for not too much gold. mainstat being combo of VIT and STR. Look for like a 230-240 STR 30-40 vit belt. Also i woudl bet you can find a better gold ring with more STR, or some avg dmg, VIT, or AR. CHD too but trifectas get a trifecta premium price (even though avg dmg makes it a trifecta too).
Also no to lacuni with crit. Way overpriced. Better to spend on nice innas.

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