The over buffed poison.

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The thing about poison pool is that it can overlay... and having 3 elites with two poison pool overlaying each other is not funny. Especially for melee class.
oh no now you have to gear defenses.

you dont even play hardcore ffs
I don't want it to be nerfed, just buffed properly. They should have buffed it with increments, not just jump it to 120%. That was really stupid with out proper testing.
Bunnyman: P L A G U E

Please stop calling it plauge. Please...
02/17/2013 09:32 AMPosted by BunnyMan
I suppose u are intitled to ur opinion, but the plauge is the only set of elite's that are able to kill me in mp7. I do just fine there. It's just the poison damage that is overpowering.

You must not have been around at release? Inferno was like this. It was ALWAYS DESIGNED TO BE LIKE THAT. Agreed, +1, buff more affixes. That way trolls like this guy stay where they belong. I haven't had a problem with plague since the buff... maybe because I stick to appropriate MP's for my gear, or swap gear for higher MP... sure I avoid 2, 3, 4 stack pools... but that's common sense and how Inferno had to be played at release.
I am glad they buffed plague. They need to buff some more of the affixes. Make Vampric more dangerous.

Plague, Molten, Arcane, Desecrator, Lightning and Mortar are all in good spots right now in my opinion.

Reflect Damage, ehhhh, they might have nerfed it too much.
You have control of what you type, not me. So you being rude is what you want to do aparently.
It doesn't do enough damage, I still stand in it and live. It's easy. Should have been 240% imo.
02/17/2013 09:12 AMPosted by Araphel
Pro tip: don't stand in the green pools.

For melee, this is impossible. This is like telling ranged to please dodge the slow firing mortar shots that show a graphic on the ground before they hit.
02/17/2013 09:22 AMPosted by mikeab7925
because it's too weak and needs buffed

Plague was too weak and needed buffed.
You want ridiculous. Try standing on those fire grates in the breached keep in act 3. They virtually one shot you.

I still think its funny how those grates still ignore resist and mitigation. I'm also sure there are a ton of annoyed HC players dealing with that too lol.
02/17/2013 09:32 AMPosted by mikeab7925
OP face it your not ready for high mp levels. anyone complaining about this, the same applies to you. either drop back mp levels, learn to play, or ask you mom to fight those packs for ya.

I'm going to agree with this. Also, Molten was also nerfed too much, they should revert at least half of that damage decrease.
Didn't bother me before. Still doesn't bother me. Get Life regen, Lifesteal and more resists and you'll be fine.
02/17/2013 09:59 AMPosted by BunnyMan
Good for you u can spell. I'm happy for you. You know what I meant, so correcting another person is just petty.

Yeah, you're ranting about something you can't even spell and it's not even that difficult of a word. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously?

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