Why can't we use mercs in multiplayer?

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bring back mercs
02/18/2013 08:50 PMPosted by TheSaint
Blizzard never played D2, so its understandable why you feel that way about mercs being in multiplayer games. You are talking about the same people who thought 4 people to a game was an upgrade from 8, because everyone was so confused at what was going on.

I lol'd. Necro threads for the win.
02/18/2013 08:39 PMPosted by BattleToad
Blizzard just wants 4 people in a party, and yes mercenaries counts as people.

then you should not be able to summon anything when multiplayer:)
I don't think that bugs me as much as their inventories do. Not a big fan of the item slots they gave us to work with.
Why not just allow one merc per group?
02/26/2013 11:50 PMPosted by Darkroman
Why not just allow one merc per group?
thats not as fun as everyone using their mercs just like d2
need mercs
4x (puzzle rings + Buriza with high pierce/freeze + cold soj)...
yeah, not going to happen.

We already have perma freeze with wizards, wouldn't change the gameplay much from current.

Not saying it's a good thing though, perma freeze is so lame and boring.
All in D3 had to be different from D2, nor mercs were spared.

Only the name Diablo was reused... and this ensured the first 10Mil copies sold.
02/18/2013 08:23 PMPosted by Der
anyone else want to use their mercs?

I will never join a party or do farming in a group because I can't use my merc. Until blizz changes this I can't do parties period. I pimped out my follower not only that I use a puzzle ring on her so its better to farm more loot, gold, essence why in the world would I want to party and lose the buffs from a follower, more loot. and more dps. Just doesn't make sense.
+1 for allowing followers in MP games

my WD's enchantress uses Maximus and it'd be nice to have that summoned demon in MP, for fun and for an extra target.
02/18/2013 09:13 PMPosted by Der
in diablo 2 mercs added to your character value, be it mana regeneration from insight, conviction aura from infinity, magic find gear, or high damage gear [i.e. ebotd, fort, guillames], etc. I think restricting them from multiplayer games is hurting the multiplayer aspect of diablo 3.

Mercs were too dominant at D2 with items like Infinity, they were almost mandatory and if you didnt had an infinity you suffered in endgame. Still I agree, it would be good to have our mercs with us but they should buff us only by a minimum like 5 or 10% more damage, goldfind & MF, run speed etc.

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