Monk Set Give Away!!! (Over!! Winner Claimed)

pick me as I have been here since lauch
I'm tired of my wiz and wish to regear my monk, but have no gold to do it with. :/
Poorman DH trying to reroll a monk... would love to have a set to get me started. Thanks!
As you can see from my profile I have played Monk since release and love the class. It is the only one I care to play. For the past 2 months I have been stuck at the same DPS level and have not been able to progress any farther past about MP3. This set would help me tremendously and I hope you pick me.

Here is a link to my profile:
Hey i ungeared my monks a few weeks ago cos I thought it sucked, but with the new patch the monk is certainly much more powerful and I will equip my monk instantly with what you got there hope I would be the lucky one

I am always a diablo fan played d2 and now its d3, i won't be quitting anytime soon so it ur gears would definitely not be wasted on me
After my first monk got hacked and lost all of its gear around launch time, I switched to a DH, and it wasn't nearly as fun. Went back and created another monk instead of playing the AH too much, and couldn't be happier with the class.

Been trying to slowly spec for higher DPS without breaking the bank and just playing as much as I can. Would be pretty great to get some new gear and give away any worthwhile gear I have now.
I have added a 800+ LoH sword to the set. So the set comes with Three Weapons. This way if you need more sustain you can put on the LoH weapon + the LS weapon. The Sword also has some dex and Attack Speed. Its a pretty solid sword.
I'm always welcome to monk gear:) maybe can fix my fallout with survivability
Bump up :D
I figure I'd post. Worth a shot right?

Edit: Actually, all I want are the pants! The rest of my gear is pretty much equal to yours.
dxrazer has won the Monk Set. Set Traded!!!

I will raffle this stuffs back to community when i get my ownself gears!
This will really help me alot to start with my monk..

Thank you so much Teckno!

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