ugh resplendent chests!

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I love resplendent chests. They are easier to kill than elites.
02/22/2013 07:17 AMPosted by DTMAce
How are you not Paragon 100 yet even with 1000+ hours?

I can see why. Can't you?

He takes his time during the game, no speed runs, and he can't play high MPs, only has 222 All Resist on his gear. Probably dies a lot when fighting elites.

OP, this is only a surmising, based on your current gear of course. I really don't know how you actually play. :D

Although, he is very close to 100. :P Something that I have yet to manage with my DH. But mine only has 220 some odd hours in at P30.

As for the topic, I honestly can't remember if I had gotten one from a resplendent or not yet. Could have though. I usually don't expect one. I have gotten them from unusual places though. One came out of a pile of rocks in A2 once.

You are right about me being unable to do high MP, highest I can go is 4 with this setup. I do speed runs on mp1 most of the time and don't die very much.... I wasnt sure what a normal time frame was to reach 100 was until I created this thread, I thought I was doing ok, but I guess I'm doin it wrong (lol same with the lack of legendaries from resplendent chests, TBH I still had no idea that they werent influenced by MF, thats why I always get 5 stack 1st before I open them). I guess one reason why I am slow is because I used to do a lot of farming for leoric signet, lol back in the days when they actually sold for decent amounts, needless to say I dont farm that trash anymore :D
Before they nerfed magic find affecting chests/barrels/corpses/racks and basically all world objects it used to be VERY common actually. But in an attempt to combat botters like EVERY other game company on earth they ended up shooting their own players in the foot. I've seen 1 goblin, and 1 resplendent chest drop a legendary after they changed how magic find works on field objects.

Take it from me you are wasting valuable time sticking to that old RPG mantra of "leave no stone unturned" It no longer fits in with the corporate idea of balance. If you want that kind of adventure go play Diablo II, any elder scrolls game, borderlands or hell even path of exile.
I got a stormshield from breaking a barrel one time!
Not too sure why they nerfed MF from treasure goblins - it isn't like they drop their loot when you go up to them like a chest does - you need to actually fight them. Even though they do not fight beack, they aren't all that easy as their HP scales with MP least allow player's MF to work towards them...

They do not want you to get good items from chests because it isn't fun.

Sad thing about this is its almost word for word. =/
I can confirm that they do drop :).

Sad to say it but it was junk lol
02/21/2013 11:04 AMPosted by Badactress
I'd be curious to know whether it's possible for a legendary to drop from an armour rack? I thought they only gave pointless garbage drops, but I recently had a decent rare appear from one which made me wonder whether a legendary is possible?

The day after I posted this I had a legendary drop from an armour rack! It was rubbish but.. Spooky! Thankyou RNG!
My first legendary, Bul'kathos Wedding Ring, was looted from a Villager Corpse (or a name alike) outside Leoric's Mannor, while I was fighting a Elite pack. I litterally misclicked on it while running around. Since then, I leave no stone unturned.

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