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Found an item for 127k, with 1 minute left.
1. I bid 150 on the item, it says (as it always does...) "Your bid was lower than the current bid", I bid 150k.

The bid shows up in my auctions and it shows exactly before and after losing the auction.
Status = Not Winning
Your Bid = 150,000
Current Bid = 150,000

Lost the item.
Makes you not want to play the game anymore when the primary source of gear is bugged
You really need to learn how proxy bidding works...

Let me give you a quick example; say I saw the same item you were looking at an hour before you bid... I liked it, and bid 200k for it. I am now winning the *auction* at 127k - good for me! You come in at the last minute and bid 150k - guess what, I am ***still*** winning the auction, only now at 150k because I out bid you an hour ago... You would have to have outbid my proxy bid in order to win the item, and you didn't bid high enough or give yourself enough time to place another bid...

Now, let's say that this particular item was actually worth a mil - search for it tomorrow and (if I was a flipper) you'd see it up for auction with a buyout of 750k... Yeah, lucky you, not only did you get to complain because you don't know what your doing (i.e. proxy bidding) but you also get to rage because somebody is flipping the item you thought you could get 600k less than you'd have to pay now...

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Not bugged. You didn't bid higher than someone else. Not that hard to understand.
NormlDotOrg.troll?!?! Hopefully trolling, because pretty much the only way (I know of) for an online auction to work...

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