Offering speed run a3 mp0 carries

Title's self-explanatory. The route goes through keeps3-->keeps2-->skycrown-->rakkis-->siege-->through to azmo in all about 25 minutes.

You can wear full mf and + %experience gear so long as you have move speed on boots and can run like hell to keep up.

In short, it's a para lvling service and a way to maximize your odds at legendaries and set items.

If this sounds appealing to you, contact me in-game and I will post up a price after reviewing the initial demand.

P.S. -- Since this is hardcore, obviously I should note that your safety's guaranteed and I have legit vouchers. Good luck and hope to you see you in-game!
A+ guy.

Lost my paragon 66 this week when my power supply went out. He's been helping me with XP/MF runs to get my paragon lvls back :D
AA++ nice and safe....dont need to worry about d/c fast exp and lootss double win win!!
Friends with Appoc and he's legit. Had a hard time keeping up with his swirly death march through the fastest act3 run ive ever been in. This guy is fast and full of win.
Went for a run, it was great. Both trash and elites died really fast.
So very little chance to die if you DC.

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