The new crafting is BiS potential like Hell!

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Thank you Blizz! I am a top geared player, I love the AH, I also love that I can attempt(against great odds) to create an epic item.


if they rolled AR it would be a wrap!

D3 'til 2020!
great bracers,, but i an wondering why you are using "one with everything" when only 2 peices of your gear have physical Resistance. it seems to me your are at a point where you can replace that passive. (something which i sadly cant do yet)
Holy crap nice gear!!!
Awesome. So far I like crafting. It's working great. It works for low geared players who can't afford billion dollar upgrades. It also works for players who prefer not to go to the AH for their upgrades, and it also works for great-geared players with a huge bankroll and can't find any decent upgrades in the AH. The game needs a much needed money sink anyway.

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