Did 1.07 make D3 enjoyable again?

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Asking to those who've grinded through 1.06 and like myself agree that the grind isn't fun after a certain point (for me it was the early P-lvl 80s). The reason the grind isn't fun is because
i) it doesn't feel rewarding to keep leveling (diminishing returns the more you play, eventually reaching a flat progress-curve)
ii) there is no competitive side to D3 (no ladder; nothing to show for time spent). A big part of why I play games is to beat other people online and improve my gameplay overtime and find more efficient ways to do things. No matter how good your gear is, how leveled you are, it all seems pointless without a structured way to see how you're doing compared to other players (i.e. ladder).

I had a lot of fun playing D3 through 1.03, and then 1.04 because finding a good item meant something- you could sell it for a major upgrade. Then the patch came that swarmed then AH with all kinds of semi-decent gear such that it became impossible to make any kind of progress: The game was still AH based with astronomical chances of finding your own late-game gear, and the means for building gold through selling semi-decent gear (which you still had a decent shot of finding) and saving gold was eliminated because the AH was saturated with such items and their prices went through the floor.

I appreciated the MP system and the keys, but that in all honesty had no long term playability or the catch to keep me hooked neither on a competitive level nor "just for fun".

I haven't tried the PVP or new crafting. Is there anyone else who felt about D3 as I did and now feel that D3 has changed and is grindable again?
ps: i cashed out when i felt like things were still selling in the ah
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I enjoy the game. But I'm enjoying it less with each new patch'
I've been grinding since day 1. The difference's that I've done with all classes and hardcore, so it keeps it fresh, somewhat....
02/18/2013 08:37 AMPosted by xxBarabbasxx
And the question you ask is subjective and the answers will vary from each individual...

hence the point of asking...
02/18/2013 08:56 AMPosted by Zaxxon23
Temporarily. People will farm demonic essences, craft their BIS BOA gear, and then be back in the same place we were a week ago. The only difference is that less of the stuff we find will be valuable for trade. Net loss on the whole as far as the big picture and end-game is concerned.

that's what i thought. wish d3 had a competitive ladder for both pve and pvp with rewards and frequent races. it'd add a different dimension to the game and make it worth farming items.
Nope its all the same, AS CC CD LS , main stat plus vit + ar.
Theres no real competition amongst players besides showing off your paragon level (aka how much time you spend entirely too much on this game)

No ladders

No PvP

No endgame incentive to keep grinding and farming to make your characters uber leet sauce.

Burnouts begin, Pay2Win desperation sets in.

Then you quit.
02/18/2013 08:36 AMPosted by xxBarabbasxx
why didn't you wait until 1.07 for the EXP bonus to grind and play a different game while waiting to give yourself a break from D3... You eat, sleep, and breathe any game and it will eventually become boring...

I haven't touched D3 for 2 months which is why I'm asking if it's any better now for players who share similar views about the game as I do. It's not a matter of taking a break- I wasn't burnt out. I grinded a lot in May-August till the the AH flood occured. Then I gave it a couple more months and I couldn't take it anymore.

I don't think you can get tired of a game or burnt out if it's truly worth playing. I never got tired of playing Dota, or Wc3, or Diablo 2 for years, because those games had long-term playability and suited what I expect from games I play. sadly D3 is progressing further from those expectations and playability and clearly there are people who agree.
For me this new patch did bring some excitement back to game. Anything new to look for or create for my hero's is a plus. As you said the flood of the AH has been a bummer. Being able to sell "decent" items for a extra chunk of gold was very rewarding and as far as I can tell the only to build wealth if your a casual style player. I also noticed recently, although I'm sure it has been this way for a while, that there are some really horrible items on the AH. Whoever is wasting space with these items is either not very knowledgeable about the game or... idk just an a-hole I guess. BoA items are a sacrilege. That is all

You will find the DE farming entertaining for a little bit in the beginning, then you get tired of it. Think about all the gear slots that now have crafted gear as BIS, and that hardly anything is worth picking of the ground anymore. And you start wondering what the point is.
They can keep adding new areas to fight in or throwing in gear with higher stats but it doesn't change the core problem, as soon as you get that item that has 100 more strength than your last one or you kill the new elite, it's right back to the same old problem.... There's no competition(they even removed to the death duels on HC) or items worth building new characters around. There's more to it than that but it has been hashed out a million times.
Theres no real competition amongst players besides showing off your paragon level (aka how much time you spend entirely too much on this game)

No ladders

You just contradicted yourself. SERIOUSLY. The D2 ladder is essentially Diabloprogress.com tracking Paragon level.
02/18/2013 09:57 AMPosted by Skeeks
No endgame incentive to keep grinding and farming to make your characters uber leet sauce.

1.0.7 crafting as well as Ubers farming do not qualify? You are obviously out of touch.
02/18/2013 09:57 AMPosted by Skeeks
Burnouts begin, Pay2Win desperation sets in.

I remember this being an issue with people pre1.0.3 but its faceroll easy atm. Also remember that BoA crafting is anti-Pay2Win, just throwing that out there.

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