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You seem to still Have a glitch with your Gold AH. I have Used Buyout once again an says i have purchased the item.An never appeared in the completed items.This to me seems that the bug you fixed in the AH has sprung another bug in the AH.Order ID #1377203816. Will not keep me from playing an Purchasing items in the AH.But will be slowing down the processes of using the AH in the future.An I am re-thinking of even using the money Ah .Which was planing on doing such.An most of all thanks for not hitting us in the pocket book for the expansion pack ,with all of the issues ya have had.But do look forward to seeing one in the future.Thanks Blizz.Some people are just not true gamers with the patience to see that. not sure.Anyways love the game an figured ya would have bugs an so forth.

The item from Order ID #1377203816, a "High Scabbard" according to our records was claimed on the account 2013-02-18 at 19:22:17 UTC and is currently on your character Bardella.
I can not seem to play diablo for 48 hrs,It keeps coming up with code 33

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