Skorn vs duel (for my barb)


Its hard to give up the 25kdps but I know the duel is off paper better (so I've read).

For xp and mf I do WW with SOJ +7 crit to WW, for general play MP7 keys and ubers I do hota rend.

Should I stick with the skorn until I get better 1 handers?
So from testing:
With the skorn I crit on avg about 1mil (hota)
With duel 1 hands I'm criting about 500K but at a faster rate.

Its nice to 1 hit most whites mp7 with the skorn... I just can't see the benefit of the duel 2 handers outside of the speed per attack and it doesn't appear to be faster then a 1 hit kill.
WOTB lasts a lot longer with duel.
I tested with Ghom MP7.

skorn = 36sec kill

duel EF/rare = 50sec kill

I tried to be consistent with hota/rend and WotB.

If I could only get the same DPS from duel 1 hands that I get from a mediocre skorn... but the price difference is astronomical. Unless I'm doing it wrong?!?!?
This is what I've been reading as well. 2-hand Hota should do more dps, the only problem is keeping WOTB up, but even with shorter up time on that ability 2-hand will still out damage, especially with the removal flinching animation recently. Also 2m crits are awesome :D
I don't get anywhere near 2mil crits. I noticed you are using unforgiven instead of animosity.
Does that help when using a skorn?
I kill ghom mp10 in 25sec and there is no proven faster kill with DW
02/19/2013 11:02 PMPosted by Arthur
I kill ghom mp10 in 25sec and there is no proven faster kill with DW

Your barb is insane... you are on a level that I will probably never reach regardless of how long I play.
I only use unforgiven for low MP farming. I'm using MF gear + weird build that only really works on low MP levels right now.
I give up on duel wielding, I've been messing around for the past week looking for EF's with sockets, CD, LS and different options. Although I love the speed of the duel wielding the best I've done for DPS is about 140k.

I just can't afford it the cost of a high end 1 hander and its not worth the DPS drop to use what I can afford. Thanks for all your input and happy farming!
@Arthur - DW Ghom kill in 15 sec, i think a when a comparable dps dw vs skorn, the dw will be faster because of attack speed as it hits more per sec.

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