Public PVP is Act 1 Quest 9 MP0

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Just thought I'd say this to help anyone who wants to pvp against random strangers and cannot figure out how it is done.

In PTR, everyone who wanted to fight would go to Act 1, MP0, Quest 9 (last quest).

Of course, on the live server, there may be a few people trying to farm on this quest - however the majority are still PVPers who carried this from PTR.

Just try it yourself - way more efficient than begging on the chat to be invited to some pvp game. Caveat - this obviously only works for 4 player FFA, if you want 1v1s, chat away.
This pretty much replaces the missing pvp-specific quest for random matchmaking.

Not saying it is ideal by any stretch, but it works.
Thanks for the bumps.

I've seen quite a few threads complaining about the lack of a feature that does just this, and if people are aware of this workaround, they can at least get by until further improvements are made on this front.
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Try it out and see it for yourself :) works like a charm
much better than asking on the chat for pvp. Quick and easy!
"Silence! I'll kill u!"
The more people aware of this, the better it becomes for all of us.
Working as intended
yup confirmed
What a broken system.
02/14/2013 05:15 PMPosted by Fingerling
What a broken system.

Fixed by the players ourselves :)

Well, not fixed, but we can get around it.
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Free bump, I like smashing ppl lol.
Thanks :)

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