FPS Drop After Patch

Technical Support
Anybody else getting this? I am a New Zealand player.

I'm playing on the US server using the enSG client or something.. My friend from NZ had to change this agent.db file thing to get the patch to work, while I just waited for blizzard to fix it.

My friend had an FPS drop too which he said is now gone, but I still have mine so maybe that has something to do with it.
I have a few only in Arreat crater lvl 2.. or rakkis thats it!
+1 I totally agree its lag! I have a really good gaming computer and a good internet speed at 30 - 50 mbps. I never had lag issues in the past, save for, launch month back in May 2012! But now, i am lagging as if its 300+ ping and strangely the FPS shows 50! (wtf?!)

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