Gold AH - Error 31041

Technical Support
Long story short - put a bid on a ring, was winning until I turned off my computer last night. The ring didn't have a buyout option. Checked the AH this morning and got a message that I was outbid, and my gold properly returned to me. The ring still shows up on AH with about 30 min left as of this writing, with a current bid of 0. When I try to put a new bid I receive the following error message - <Item Name> bid failed. (Error 31041).

Basically, wasted my time searching and bidding, plus whatever gold I put on a bid got frozen for over a day. Nothing huge, but kinda sucks. Blizzard, and ideas why this is happening?
I saw a sword on the auction house that I wanted and there wasn't a buyout price. Naturally I put a bid on the sword. The current bid changed to 0 and I don't have my money. What is going on? Can I have my money back?

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