Did demonic essence drops nerf legendary drop rates?

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I've noticed in the few days since patch that i have not found a single legendary drop. Not even a "brimstone legendary." Before 1.0.7 I could expect to find one, even a junk one, every time I sat at the computer, even if I only played for an hour or two. Now what I'm noticing that occasionally elite/champion packs will drop higher than normal number of rares AND a demonic essence. This happens with about the same frequency I was finding legendaries before.

I don't claim to understand the background math as it relates to drops, but it would seem that the mathematical "spike" that would normally result in a legendary dropping is now being "swallowed up" by an essence and more rares. Without a steady stream of orange items, I can neither create brimstones for crafting or generate funds by selling weak legendaries in the AH so my character's development/income stream is gone.

Anyone else noticed anything like this, or am I just having an historic run of bad luck?
friends and myself included have also noticed a drop in legendary items from doing their usual A3 runs
I got 5 legendaries today on 3 runs, 3 legendaries yesterday in a single run...
So no, I don't think so.
Run of bad luck man as of last night for me I had 3 leg drop for me which in a almost full run of an act is normal, granted they were all salvaged. Now granted I do have that dry spell every now and then.
Ive been finding a lot of legendaries, I found 3 in one vault of the assasin run about 30 mins ago, 2 were sets. Yesterday the same case, about 4 legs in not a lot of time played. Same the day before also.. All my freinds are saying the same.

But for everyone like me who is finding more legs, there are people that are finding less, thats the nature of RNG, youre not going to get a consistant drop rate on things.
Thanks for the info. Back to the salt mines I guess.
Getting shedloads of legs, all still crap.
02/17/2013 06:35 PMPosted by jihn
Getting shedloads of legs, all still crap.

99% crap here. Still a bunch of legends tho...
I found two leg and a set in the first hour after patch...rng is rng
getting same general rate but better drops at MP6 now... 12-13 on weekend and 3-4 actually were not total crap...
I have found legendaries since the patch so I would say no it did not. You will be going through dry spells where you do not get a drop. And other times where you see a sea of them it is called RNG. RNG is not consistent in any way. If it were then it would not be RNG.
also demonic essences count as a separate drop. so it's not you get an essence instead of something else, it's you get an essence, or an essence and something else.

so if you got 3 rares and an essence, it's not like the essence could have been a 4th rare instead. it's separate.

also i found 5 legendaries and a marquise plan in one run on mp TWO yesterday, so i'd say no, the drop rate for legendaries isn't less than before.
I find legendary items once in a blue moon. Don't know how all these players are finding legendaries like they are useless gray items, but whatever.
yes i have noticed the drop in legendaries as well. Though my brother reported that legendary drops have increased for him, so I pegged it to variance and RNG.

But I dunno, i usually can get on average 1 per run. Now its running like 1/10 per run.
Does higher MP inpove drops?
I've gotten tons of legendaries since the patch. In fact, I've gotten a Lacuni and a Mempo since then. My luck has only gotten better.
I did 5 MP5 Runs yesterday and got more legs than I did essences lol
I usually find at least one brimstone each run.
02/22/2013 04:35 PMPosted by Tsauroth
I did 5 MP5 Runs yesterday and got more legs than I did essences lol

I've done like 8 mp5 act3 runs, getting 1 legendary. Also around 12-15 vault runs(mp5) without legendary.And 4 mp9 act3 runs with1 legendary.Overall I've played alot yesterday+today and drops do seem weird.I'm plvl 100 so i run max mf, used to at least 1leg/run as an average(mp0-10) so for me at least it's either a VERY dry streak, either something is up. When u do 3 mp9 act3 runs without a shiny star on minimap, u really start to wonder. Could be RNG(piece of !@#$ system) I cannot say no. Time will tell
It does seem that many people aren't having any issue, but myself and a few others are. I play quite a bit, (4-5 hours a day) and I've played every day since the patch without fail. My legendary drop rate, even brimstone material has dropped dramatically. Normal for me was 6-10 legendary drops in a 6 hours of play. Now the same time yields 1 or none at all. This hasn't been just a short dry spell for me (1-2 days of missing drops), but has gone on since the patch. I really don't have any explanation for the matter and if it isn't affecting others then that is cool, but I can completely sympathize with the thread creator on this one. I would love to be able to craft some amulets, so even brimstone material would be fine, but I'm just not getting those anymore. I guess I just won't be crafting much, I have all the essences I could ask for, but no to few legendaries to make amulet crafting attractive. I guess I can just buy the stupid brimstones..

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