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for some reason it wont let me view my diablo 3 character profile, says my name cannot be found in that realm or something like that, anyone else having the same problem?
umm i have seen this issue before on others.. i think you need to send a ticket, it has never happened to me though. so i am not positive
Same thing has happened to me.

It is really annoying to say the least.
same here too. was trying to check things out. but looks like we r gonna have to go back to the paper doll
it's been happening a lot since the patch. mine wasn't working a couple of days ago either.

there are a lot of threads about it.
Had you looked at a different profile on a different server before going to view yours? If the other one was on eu server and yours is US, then yours wouldn't show up there.
Just a suggestion.
It's happening a lot. Mine disappeared today and it's still gone. I doubt if the world is going to end because of it.
Mine doesn't work either.
same here mine disappeared as well.
mine as well gone.
any word from developments?
Also disappeared.
hmmmm, well i would really like to know whats up
None of the profiles are available to me. I understand someone from Blizzard named Osundir was working on this. This was on 14 Jan. This is my alternate realm, normally I play Shu' halo. Very frustrating and seems the best guy for the repair may not be Osundir.

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