I like PVP but ...

I find myself getting out matched quite a bit. I don't really get mad, just a game but I do inquire as much as possible after I get my !@# handed to me on a silver platter by some godly DH or something, and that question is "Do you use the RMAH?" 8 times out of 10 the people who out match me and steam roll over me say yes.

This sort of puts me off PVP all together, once in a while I get into a game where it's quite obvious they don't use the RMAH, but I have a good time, the fights are quick but it's a fair match.

I know the brawling system is somewhat new and was just thrown out there to satisfy people. But if there is ever a serious system implemented is it really fair to pair those who just drop 200+ dollars on some gear with those like me who find gold, items, use them and play the GAH.
Diablo 3 is a PayToWin game.

Quite startling that you didn't discover that until now. The more money you drop the more power you get.
02/15/2013 08:57 AMPosted by Garthandal
The problem a lot of players are having in PVP right now is that they have geared for as much dps as possible with minimal life and mitigation to clear the PVE content. It does not take the RMAH to be able to have fun in PVP against the avg opponent. Stack as much life and mitigation as you can afford in the key slots and use as many defensive abilities as you can and you will start to have fun in PVP.

I have been slowly gathering some PVP gear. I thought that a good HP of 64k and a decent amount of DMG would get me at least a fighting chance. Do not get me wrong, I do have fun, but then as I said, I come across some guys who just dropped hundreds of dollars on gear and wipes the floor with me. I don't even get a hit half the time.

The point I am trying to make is, how is it a fair fight when lets say someone who can't afford to drop large amounts of money on gear be at a disadvantage like this?
Sure I COULD get the same gear as these other people, but realistically the amounts of gold I'd have to fork over is beyond what I have even gathered in my entire time playing the game. So it's nearly impossible.
As you can tell from my profile, I am a credit card warrior. The first time I tried dueling I got my butt handed to me. One was because I was using wrong skills and two some of my gear wasn't great for PVP. As I got more experience and checked out other chars I started to regear just for dueling. Half of my gear only cost 1-5 mil each. Now I am lasting 3 times as long and killing the same amount. BTW, this isn't my PVP gear in my profile.

With that said, don't give up. Just regear properly for brawling and run skills that most do. Also remember that PVE gear doesn't work for PVP.
I never used rmah and do pretty well in pvp. three months ago pvp gear was dirt cheap if you did the testing to figure out what was gonna be good.
Not bashing you but you are a WD. Try doing it with a wizard and see if you have the same results. A mediocre WD is pretty godly in terms of other chars. It's like a barb saying high mp levels for PVE is easy.
take a guess what I based my decision on for which class to lvl to p100.
I think you overestimate how many people RMAH
Get a skorn with 98.5%+ bleed and High damage stack tons on vita and all res run around spam rend and profit

wow blkdragon.... that's just pathetic buy more pixelz
Don't forget about blackthorne's set. Currently have -31% elite dmg and you'd be hard pressed to put any kind of pressure on me.
I dunno.. gearing defensively is a total waste.. you won't kill !@#$, possibly a few glass cannons.. MAYBE. DH's are hitting me for 1mil damage with multiple attacks.. there is no reason whatsoever to stack RA or Armor. I have 600-650 RA and 5k Armor on my WD and 130k hp.. which does not matter whatsoever.. a DH can kill you in 2 shots.. one shot to blow my spirit vessel and another shot will kill me with over 800k overkill. No amount of defensive gear will do anything, unless you went full on tank mode.. then you will never kill anyone.

My suggestion is to just stack %^-* loads of dps.. get whatever defensive skills you got on your class and put them on your bars. Will go further that way. Every class can one shot you regardless of your EHP, with selective skills. Some classes can also stun lock you with the right skills as well. Had a Throw tank barb stun lock me for nearly a minute straight earlier.. he didn't kill me though b/c he was built with way to much defensive gear.

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