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Demon Hunter
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I spent all weekend with this build in one form or another and am hooked. I tried going back to traditional Ball Lit, as well as Frostburns Frozen Arrow and quickly switched back.

I love the play style and survivibility. Shred low MP's and can match what I was doing before (MP5 mostly) and have pushed all the way to MP8 (but this was totally ineffieienct due to my killspeed).

Something has to go very very wrong to die and there is 0 resource managment with free Chakrum's.

I was thinking about Crit and Crit Damage and their value to this build. Granted you need to kill something to get the chain started but I think I want to tinker with less and less crit and rely on Sharpshooter to get the chains started.

Also trying to find a replacment to the Boar as I don't feel like he is needed anymore with picking up soem resists on crafted items.

Sentry is locked in for me.
Do you have a link to your profile?
Ran this a bit this weekend as well. I used grenades though with stun/cluster runes along with traps w echoing blast. I don't currently have the marquise plan so I used one of my radiants. Worked well, is a different playstyle for sure and am not sure is really more of a novelty. I used a LS sever with my wd for quite awhile because of the big heals when I was having survive issues at higher mp and this works the same except gloom is a built in LS mechanic.

Def fun, and when I joined a party with some friends they were like WTF?!
I know, I had that happen too. They couldn't believe what I was doing. But they definitely changed their minds when they saw the result.
02/18/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Radelon
Do you have a link to your profile?

The profile has been broken all day, Bnet issue for some reason, will link when the system works again. Of course you won't need it then!
I'm going to try to hit 200k dps with this setup. It may be really tough to do, but why not.
I converted my DH to this will try it later.
Do you guys know what types of stats (weapdmg/critdmg/dex etc.) increases the finishing blow damage of sever? I bought a pretty nice shield with 300 dex, socket and 8,5 crit to see if I can boost the damage some more. Also you would think that % based bonus dmg modifers like on SOJ is godly (a double digit % over the xx million damage is a lot in absolute numbers). In that case a Tyrael's might with +15% dmg to demons might also be the best for farming act 3.

Echo does work better then impale imho, because you don't need to pick your target out of a group AND you can chain combo multiple finishing blows if you have good reaction speed to tag the next guy about to die. Turrets are a good way to finish a single remaining mob if you have some decent atk speed. I'm surprised by the high numbers I'm seeing (100k+ per arrow), they are higher then when i'm using my calamity for a turret build. Must be the leverage of tagging them with grim reaper and the 25% bonus to demons on Sever.
What a crazy build idea... I may have to give this a shot.

All in the name of scientific research.
You tried Boomerang? I will later.
02/18/2013 12:30 PMPosted by Radelon
I'm going to try to hit 200k dps with this setup. It may be really tough to do, but why not.

I was at 179 or so. 200 is probably doable, I didnt have my crit mempo yet.

I played with darkchrono today on mp3. clearing is really fast with the sever in mid MPs and impale w penetration rune..
I got up to 170k with a new shield.... I will be on in a little while.... can't wait to play some more
02/18/2013 11:28 AMPosted by Radelon
Do you have a link to your profile?

Seems fixed.

Damage is no where near your's but I am playing MP5 like it is MP3, this is what it seems like to me at least.

You think Steady Aim is the call though? I took a hit to Crit and have been playing with sharpshooter mostly (think I tried steady aim right before logging out). I was rolling sharpshooter thinking the "auto-crits" would get the chain started. Seems to be working well. Not sure what I think about steady aim as to be honest I have just been body tanking most everything to get them clumped together as much as possible for the BOOM of rest in pieces.

Total blast, I just wanted to thank you again for getting this rolling.
02/18/2013 06:00 PMPosted by DoctorDoom
You tried Boomerang? I will later.

I did, tried all the runes really. My issue with it was because I have no other attack it tended to miss barrels and the like too much or when down to one mob it seemed to miss quite a bit as well.

If you find something different, let us know.

I wish the poison one went slow in a straight line like ball lightning.

Razor Disk seems like the best option to me, but I would love to hear if you think different.
Serpentine does some nice damage but uggh it needs to do something else. BTW, nice Sever El. I like steady aim because of the range of razor disk.
I used to run with a Sever on my monk. Seeing this thread makes me wish that I had kept it now that I finally got my DH to 60!
Any ideas for cam software to make a video that doesn't absolutely kill my fps like bandicam does?

M1: Spike Traps: Echoing Blast
M2. Chakram: Razor Disk
B1: Shadow Power: Gloom
B2: Preparation: Focused Mind
B3: Sentry: Guardian Sentry
B4: Marked for Death: Grim Reaper

Passives: Steady Aim, Perfectionist, Nightstalker

Believe me, I was on MP7 and just decimating everything. White mobs were like 2 seconds to die. Elites maybe 15-30 seconds. Key is to pop Sentry, then Gloom, then prep, then Spike Trap, mark the closest enemy to the trap, while spamming Razor Disk. Keep gloom up and replace traps as they expire, always mark new targets.

The amount of damage I was doing was just sick, it looked like I was a Barb with numbers flying all over the place. I was just amazed myself.
It'll be funny as hell if you can 1shot a WD with the splash from killing his own pets with this little trick. I've never actually thought to try it, and I'm already in sword and board gear when I PvP anyway.

And Wizards as well, did you know if you mark them and they Mirror Image it copies the MFD they have onto each one of the mirror images? I'm not sure if it's a working MFD or not but if so then it's an easy 1shot.

Edit: Nope, doesn't work. Seems like Sever's on-kill proc is suppressed in PvP, it doesn't happen at all.

Edit: Nope, doesn't work. Seems like Sever's on-kill proc is suppressed in PvP, it doesn't happen at all.

I'm surprised they thought of that :)

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