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Demon Hunter
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i'm trying out this build it's really fun, not sure how to gear though
Twin Chakrams might also help.

I've been using Sword and Board on my DH when I was playing.. but that was a LONG TIME AGO. TankDH btw.
twin chakrams isn't good for sever because the sever crit is based off the damage dealing the killing blow.

since twin chakrams significantly weaker, it's not a good replacement for razor disk
I know how it works, but Twin Chakram can hit 2 time and the Killing Blow may be high on the Razor Disk, but if are facing more mobs, its a bit more "better". Try it. Also the fact that Twin Chakram can cover the whole area easily. But the almost INSTANT hit of Razor Disk is really nice though.
yeah the instant, any location targeting is the really important part... to pick off the marked target
Anyone doing higher MPs with this? Really worth try? In my head if u crit 90mil on killing blow, 12% of this in a area it should be 10.8mil, if this really happen like this..its an hell of a build o_o
I did some crypt farming on MP10. the problem is that if all mobs are dead except for the main boss, it's gonna take a bit longer to take him down.

for white clearing (like monk TR xp run in crater2) this is a good build. for boss killing, a bit less efficient

i am trying out impale - grievous wounds, + smoke screen- lingering fog to position

it works out pretty well actually

also trying out legacy nats. i am liking this version of the build way more than gloom + chakram
Will invest 400mil on this build for tests...already got an Sever 1438 DPS w/ Marquise Ruby, 5% Holy+5 Chakram+30% Soj, now i will try to play a while in AH and try to make some good deals.
Demon hunters should really be able to dual wield 1h xbow + 1h sword/weapon.
108k DPS unbuffed, 500 - 600 all resists, 5k armor, 43k HP, 1k HP Regen/s, 415 LoH, 30% Elite Damage, -10 Chakram Cost, 1.86 APS. But im dying alot atm, and hating these damn retarded chakrams :P
IMO chakram does not fit the "essence" of this build. the idea is to be like an assassin who picks off a single target in a crowd.

chakram is just too much a generic aoe attack to the point that it dilutes the build. it makes your marked for death crits smaller, but in exchange makes your spam attack stronger. what's the point?
So what you recommend? Btw, i've added you in-game ;)
legacy nats + smokescreen, using impale - grievous wounds

it plays very differently
with -10 impale cost and 10/12 Hate Regen/s its possible to spam it?
i imagine with that setup, you would be able to impale as much as you needed for the build

however it's kind of impractical with legacy nats, since you'll also have to use soj/skull grasp/mara, which usually are not very good for this build, as well as finding a -5 impale legacy cloak, which i don't see any of on the AH

IMO it's better just to use grenade for hatred regen, you usually don't need to use it much
i think im not going for legacy nats...i can grab an -5soj+30% and a good cloack with -5 too.
Legacy nats so expensive :(
i would not suggest the impale/smokescreen build without legacy nats. you won't be able to use nightstalker to get back disc, so you'll run out quite quickly
If ONLY Boomerang were straight out then straight back.

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