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Playing an avergae Barb casually. Have so far played solo and mainly self found, looking for others to play with for some added fun. Hit me up if you're keen on Komprezzor#6140
i'll add you once i get on later tonight.
hey mate, check out the thread 'official TSL thread'. its a guild that has been created for aussie and NZ players.
add anyone you want from there (with the msg TSL), including myself :) although i wont be on back online til monday

Did u try those keys again komprezzor! I should be back online on wednesday night. Ill catch up with you then
Thanks for the add Drabz, and thanks for the info WAZZ.

Didn't run any keys slackgaz, but did find a 2 socket Manticore and Strength, Vit, 2 Socket Blackthorne's pants. So not a bad weekend, also cracked the para 80. Catch you Wednesday.

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