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My thoughts are this.

Imperius becomes fed up with the Nephalem and their sudden rise to power. He decides to unite all the angels that share his fear/hatred for the Nephalem. He decides to unbanish Lilith hoping she will join him in his fight because it has been so long.

Lilith initially tells Imperius she will help and then betrays him becoming the "Tyrael" (non human that assists us in our quest) in the expansion. Assisting and guiding the players to defeat Imperius because her love for her "children" is more than her love for Imperius.

Could even have a fight early on between your character and Imperius/Lilith in which she betrays him and sides with us but can't kill him. He escapes and she decides to help us to kill him because she knows she can't do it herself.
2 routes for expansion

1. adria
2. Imperius

Either are good. The second route would be best though imo. I don't blizzard did a very good job with maleficent.
Actually the people in Tristram join the Alliance and move thier town to the back of a sea turtle. The Minions of Hell are recruited by the Forsaken and join the Horde.

Goblins discover fission and a nuclear arms race insues.

Both sides launch and the planet is burned to a cinder.

End of expansion lol.
Lilith's husband, Inarius, was given to Mephisto to torture thousands of years ago at the end of the Sin Wars by Imperius, so he is another candidate to come from the burning hells with a case of the angries for Heaven.

Lilith was banished to the void, but she found her own way out before and no one knew how she did it. It is possible she is already back on Sanctuary working in the background like she did in the Sin Wars.

There are still many powerful demons in hell vying for control and domination too.

Blizzard has some pretty good stuff they could use to make a xpack viable. I look forward to what they will come up with.
Actually.....the soul stone was not destroyed. You can see it ( the soulstone) falling from Diablo in the cinematic as he falls from the spire. The soulstone is fully intact.

That is the cornerstone of the Diablo Lore.

Any thoughts
Hope they don't bring back Leia, she's gone dead. If they bring her back cause she was pure of heart or some crappy reason, then by the same logic young Albrecht would come back cause in Diablo's own words he was "simple and innocent"
Bring Back Zultan Kule :-)
They will likely bring her back. She is too similar to Kerrigan.

That would be Kulle to bring Kulle back though.
The problem with this, OP, is that in the Diablo 3 story these "beloved" children were warped into demon-like creatures...I don't think the mother of Sanctuary would be so protective of her nephalem children and even if she were it would only be so that she could warp us into some twisted servant of hers. If that is understood and your idea were altered to match that, then it would make sense. Eh, I've already given lots of story ideas. I'm too tired to repeat them. I just want to know where Malthael is.
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