Just hit 60, looking for gear advise

Hi, I just hit 60 last night and was hoping to get some gear advise for more survivability without killing my dps? I swapped my gear directly from my wd but having the dogs tank really made a diff in me living and not(also manjumas knife.) I would think I need some lifesteal so the 1 hander I have is probably out. I was hoping to get a nice faster wand but anything with a socket and lifesteal is crazy expensive. I am also looking for build advise as I know I am a bit off, right now I am just trying to kill things before they get to me in low mp levels but if they touch me I fall pretty fast. I want to get a diff version of my source to get some APoC and will prob swap that out tonight. My budget is around 200mil right now so any advise I can get would be great on build and gear.

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