sell few item with int

Witch Doctor
hi, i sell this items: US - SC

daring hands 30m
152dex, 209int, 61vit, 8% AS, 8,5% CC

the witching hour 50m
90int, 96str, 44all res, 8% AS, 47% CH

manajumas gory fetch 30m
47-424 dmg, 267int, 67 vit, 11% life, 13 mama reg

the mettle 35m
90int, 83vit, 29dex, 46% CH, 4% CC

tal rasha amulet 7m
5% poison dmg, 115str, 250int, 230vit, 61% CH

royal bite 130m
1110dmg, 85int, 43str, socket, 53% CH, 1,4 AS

manajumas carving knife 50m
1036dps, 183int, 91% CC, 3% life steal, 1,4 AS

certain source 120m
97int, 5% life, 45% CH, 5,5% CC, 11% better change of finding magical items

find me in game martinCG#2899

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