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Witch Doctor
I intend to make another 3 characters, and park the self-found and crafted gear on them, no AH.

Looking for in-game buddy to bring me from level 1-60, Normal through Hell MP10. I'll attempt Inferno on my own. In return, I only want the main checkpoints (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo), and we can get the remaining levels at Act 3, until we can progress to the next difficulty level.

I'll power level your character through the same, using my 190k DPS WD with AC, so rest assured the runs will be very efficient and thorough. I do expect decent DPS from you as well, so I apologize to new players that this offer is not meant for you.

The last time I helped 2 players, they went from level 47 to level 60 in about 1 hr, so it shouldn't take too long if we co-operate. This is where new players can tag along if they want to. But in my view, this method spoils the fun for new players, you'd be better off exploring your character.

I only need 1 player to join in, but I don't mind helping out a few more. I decided on a WD buddy because other classes tend to leave "stray" mobs around, and any of those will easily kill my new character, wasting both our time.

Anyone interested?
Hi Paul, I'm happy to help out, though I don't need any reciprocity given my toons are all at 60. My WD won't meet your standards for Hell for sure, but I can use my Monk w CS. Maybe the WD can do it through Normal MP10, you'd need to tell me what to do. I helped a pal level a new toon mostly using my DH and Wiz before switching to my monk in late Hell. He died a few times but not a big deal. My thinking is if we're both on, then I can spend an hour or so helping one of your toons level up, as opposed to a multi-hour marathon :)
Thanks Kyle, adding you in game for key and uber runs too.
Hi guys,

I'm back with 1 out of 3 toons done. I took about 5hrs 40mins to get my friend to 60, and he took about 6hrs 10mins to get mine to 60. It wasn't a continuous journey, we took turns, took breaks for Uber runs, etc.

Initially we took awhile to get co-ordinated, following close enough to get exp but not too close to die easily. We also explored different routes and noted how the mobs spawn, until we settled down on a nice comfortable route, and the levels and exp just came rolling in.

Just some notes:
1) Need to be level 25 to enter Nightmare difficulty
2) Need to be level 50 to enter Hell difficulty
3) We did the 4 main bosses (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo) for Normal, Nightmare, Hell. Inferno is left for personal discovery and exploration

Ready for round 2 now. Anyone?

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