VOTA, good run for everything?

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I was wondering if Vault of The Assassin is considered the best farming place overall. I'd like to farm some gold, gems, and legendaries (not too worried about leveling paragon at the moment). If not, then what is the best farming route if I want a good distribution of gold, gems, and legendaries?
VOTA then Dalgur Oasis is the best run for getting Demonic Essenses and a Key for Act 2 Keywarden.

Best run overall would have to be my own customized run:

1. Teleport to Keeps Depths 3, right near the waypoint there should be 1 to 2 elites. I get my 2 NV stacks from here.
2. Teleport to Tower of the Damned 1, and get 2-3 more elites killed. NV should be 4 or 5 by now.

Then, you do the big 3:

Rakkis Crossing/Killing Fields
Keep Depths 2
Arreat Crater 2

Then, you do Skycrown Battlements (optional).

This is pretty much the most efficient run in D3 at the moment. A lot of people fail to do Keep Depths 3 because they dont know that its the quickest way to build up NV (literally 20 seconds for 2 stacks)
"Best" depends on what you are farming. AC2, for example, is good for XP but sucks for legendaries (at least on high MP) because many of the white mobs have such low item drop chances.
There was a blue post on the PTR for 1.05 about this, but all you have to do is clear a bunch of scorpions then go clear a bunch of white mobs in Keeps 2 to see the difference pretty dramatically.
Basically what I'm looking for is a good all rounder for farming items (rares, legendaries, as well as gems and tomes with those being my most sought after at the moment), and gold. ckhoo888, i'll try out your farm route, thanks for the advice.
02/26/2013 07:32 PMPosted by Risen
i think core of the arreat have like 2 to 3 elites and its much smaller, why not there first?
Some times it only has one. Keeps depth 3 should always have 3, some times 4 or a goblin.

(I like to run the entirety of Act 3 backwards, from Tower of Cursed Lv2. The Fortified Bunker/Barracks are actually pretty good for elite density.)
The entire act 3 is a good place to farm TBH. =/

Act 2 is much faster since you're probably just doing VotA, Black Canion Mines and Oasis.

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