SNS with meteor = FAIL

Try it.

Edit: Meant for SNS-Meteor

Actually substitute Force Weapon or Blood Magic if you need Life regen of some sort.
I dont agree with that dmg diference you got on your tests... maybe my APS are too low and I it impacts my performance the other way around (just tested ghom mp6 and got the same or better - for like a sec or 2 diference - time with meteor over EB).
anyway... meteor is realy worse for perma frost. use it only if it fits your playstile.
With a MP7 Ghom Test, I couldn't see much of an improvement at all with SNS+Molten Impact, or evening adding Conflagration. But with 3 sources of APoC it was pretty nice and comparable to SNS with Time Warp:
*SNS with Time Warp - Took 67s or 7.17x DPS Multiplier
*SNS with Teleport - Took 72s or 6.67x DPS Multiplier
*SNS with Meteor (Molten Impact) - Took 73s or 6.58x DPS Multiplier
*SNS with Meteor (Molten Impact) with Conflag for Evocation- Took 72s or 6.67x DPS Multiplier
*SNS with Meteor (Molten Impact) with Conflag for Evocation, but with 27APoC- Took 65s or 7.39x DPS Multiplier

P.S. My stats for most tests were 105kdps/55.5cc/2.74aps/18APoC. The last test I switced to 27APoC with 105kdps/53.5cc/2.76aps.
the main thing here is that cm meteor gives certain flexibility at the expense of perma freeze, but if you are tanky enough, you don't require that perma freeze. eg: cm meteor allows you to stay at range while arcane orbs or frozen orbs are surrounding the pack while you rain fiery death on them.

eg: once you get full wind up with meteor showers, you can practically sustain further meteor showers without casting a single whirlwind releasing fiery death of 10-16 meteor showers in 3-4 seconds. (well, i'm exxagerating a bit.. you get as many attacks as your aps is i guess)

and if you don't have the ping rate to perma freeze single goblins, meteor lets you hit the gobs while they run, your out of mana auto attack quickly regens your ap in 2-3 hits so that it can surround the gob in meteor showers.

so basically, its a flavour thing. not to mention I love seeing 35-60 mobs killed in a single blow or destruction call outs

@aph. why not magic weapon electrify? replacing eb.
Killer = fail. You don't replace EB it's like electrify you replace TP.
Well tbh Aim I don't see much of a difference (at least on Ghom Test) until 3 sources of APoC and only then is it comparable to SNS with Time Warp. So I dunno. I keep wanting to like SNS with Meteor, but I kinda feel like it's always going to play second-fiddle and Meteor is better for builds like Shaggalicious. :)
Single target = fail

Can't spam molten in lieu of WW on single target. But when you can....
02/26/2013 07:38 PMPosted by Aimless
Killer = fail. You don't replace EB it's like electrify you replace TP.

If replacing tp, yes, the dps gains are great. I was only talking about replacing EB which I am sure many of you have tried before and come To the same conclusion. My thread was to counter some of the threads that are surfacing regarding replacing EB.
TBH killer I like these off builds in team gaming not solo. Because in team games pace is more meandering which mean losing TP is not an impact really on farm times and you can bring larger sheet. But solo nothing beats standard SNS wormhole or TP perma archon in effceintcy.
I would agree that SNS with meteor instead of EB is less survivable and less DPS against single targets but against groups it rocks.

I'm currently playing SNS with EB & meteor, spamming DS, EB & Meteor and with FN on RMB for burst casts. I have 51% CC, 17 APoC and 3.01 APS with -AP cost to meteor. This build is far superior to vanilla SNS for groups and even pretty good without AP issues against single targets.

I've never really used teleport much myself but sometimes I feel it would be nice to have a CC breaker on-board for those times when you just cant get away from frozen, arcane etc...
Bah, why did you bump something that is completely unviable now that apoc was fixed? This was during the double apoc bug where it even was considered...
Heck I got exited for a moment Saw Aph's post (Yay He's back) then looked at the date he posted BOOOO........
Seriously why use single target to test aoe skill? It doesn't make sense to me.
YOu should probably be looking at Liquefy for more CM procs !

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