Shut up and take my money!

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Yup, 1 Million Gold for each of the following.

- A vender with a spirit stone on it. ***Found***
- Lucious the Depraved ***Found***
- Dataminer
- Drury Brown ***Found***
- John Gorham Coffin ***Found***
- The Tomekeeper ***Found***

defy#1750 (Let me know what you've found in request).
2 to go, stil searching...
1 to go!
Thanks to those who have helped so far!
Just Dataminer to go thanks!
1m gold from me as well for dataminer
I need dataminer will pay 2m gold
lol dataminer is notoriusly difficult to get , best of luck guys.
what, exactly, are you looking for?
@Essemoni, it's the "Haunted" achievement.

Increasing my reward for dataminer to 2 Million gold, same as John. whoever finds him, and manages to invite the three of us will get a total of 5 Million gold...


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