the importance of magic find?

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Hi all. I was just wondering how important magic find is to farming? I'm trying to use a bunch and didn't know if it is most efficient
For maximum, you should try to be at 300% (Combined gear and paragon levels) which is the cap. Then you get your NV stacks on top of that. Then there is whatever increase you have from playing on a higher MP.

I don't know how high you can farm at 60K DPS
I find MF to be helpful. I never found anything until I increased my MF. At your current level, I wouldn't recommend farming anything above MP0, just as a matter of efficiency.

A build that really worked for me when I was at your level (January) is based on strafe. I still use variations of it when farming 0-3. Here's a link:!ZXb!acZbYY
Thanks for your feedback Taganov! Would you have any suggestions on gear I should try to get too? I always love to get a good discussion going, forgot I posted this :P

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