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Yes. the spam is completely out of control tonight, and it's literally ALL spam for the same website.

I have been reporting every single post I see for that site for weeks now, but now I just get an error when I try to report any of them. These people need to be banned on their first offense =\
03/01/2013 01:09 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Thank you for your report! We're aware of this issue, and are currently investigating it.

That's quite the automatic response there. It's a popular one used in WoW, also from GM's.
How about a toggle button where I can't see/don't get cut and paste messages?
This is out of control. Please fix this before Monday.

It's impossible to block gold trading. A simple go around would just to trade something worthless for x amount of gold.

If only item trading was available you wouldn't be able to trade a worthless item for anything but another item.

then why have gold at all kinda stupid to make it boa.....I actually tend to think that blizz could implement a database full of keywords like buy gold 1300k 1.2dollars and all of the usual spam that is posted in chats and auto block any and all such posts....that would solve it and keep the game less boa friendly imo boa items are not the way to go if you want boa gear then why not beg to play offline and alone? not that you can but that would be the basis of it.
I can't report spam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couple of thoughts:

Chat channel? Lets have one JUST for our friends? General, hardcore etc, but add a FRIENDS chat. That way we can talk with just the people on our friend list, WITHOUT having to rely on the public ones. In game is fine, but not as easy to talk to more than the 3 friends with you. Private is a pain the !@#$ sometimes. And if you are logged into a public chat, things are listed MOSTLY alphabetic, but not always, and you have to search for the name or thing you want to use if enter doesn't default you to the correct one or R or whatever. They should list people by online friends, in game chat (or reverse those two), recent, THEN the public whoevers.

As for the gold spammers. Obviously fix the bloody reporting tool. I have used Harassment today as I feel I am being harassed by them asking me to be their friend. I don't even dignify them with a response, they either get reported as spam or harassment, whatever works. Though if the reporting system was working properly that would make life easier. Filtering tool with a way to add the offending, annoying spam would be cool as well. Though sometimes I find those repeatedly yelling about some items for sale over and over every 30 seconds about as annoying. I rarely use the public chat channels anymore, drives me nuts.

I would suggest the following to hamper, but not completely kill gold trading. Require that both players be friends. Require that both players are within a range of level, or something. Limit the amount they can trade when doing just gold. Yeah, I know people will always think of ways around these things, but it slows them down some.

Blizzard should proactively do a couple of things. Research these sites, obtain what info they can to gather details on the accounts that have all this gold for sale and simply ban/take the accounts AND that gold away. Though I suspect this will be easier said than done more likely.
Actually, Blizzard could simply setup a sting operation, log in, buy some actual gold by spending some actual money, once they get an account name from the seller that gives them the gold, they can take immediate control of that account and close it down. Boom. Do that a few times and the word will get around, the gold spammers will have to quiet down and !@#$ just might get better, but who knows.

Backdoor methods around doing things legit are like cockroaches. Unfortunately.
I'm trying to think of a way (something easy to use) to capture screen shots. There is a site that asks you to forward email spam, so that they have evidence and information needed to shut down illegal websites. (They go through ICANN, the registrars, DNS, whatever it takes to track the spammers down and remove their domain.) These gold spammers have to have a site that they can use to run their transactions. Once you shut down a gold trading domain another one will open, but it grinds down their resources just a bit and makes it less profitable. Since this is about money, if we make it unprofitable to run a gold farming site they will quit.
BLIZZ FIX IT ASAP! Can't frakin report spammers too
I've noticed this too, but I'm confused... I've never used the RMAH, but I thought you could buy gold on there with real money? How are bots necessary if that's the case?
they can just make a SPAM chanel,
when a gold spammer posts the spam, someone in china smacks their Mother upside the head
I'll donate $100 to get this started
Unlock the amount of AH posts a person can list. Turn P2P trading 100% off, problem solved.
03/01/2013 01:09 PMPosted by Vaeflare
Thank you for your report! We're aware of this issue, and are currently investigating it.

Ok and this means what exactly? From what it sounds like you are simply trying to tell us that you know of the problem and really have no clue as to what to do about it OR that you (Blizzard) are really doing nothing about it. I believe the player base is starting to become quite tired and bored of the cookie cutter responses and just maybe they would have a little more faith in your company if someone would respond with something that actually sounds like someone on the other end actually wrote it.

03/01/2013 01:14 PMPosted by Drakor
Don't make chat available until level 10, 15 etc... problem solved.

I like this idea.

you people are so stupid or should i say no brain ...
what is the most important with blizzard , i am sure not you or me ,, it is call MONEY ,, yes it is MONEY , you think you spend $50 or even $100 to buy the game and you want blizzard to listen to anything you suggest .!!!! do you really think so !!!! what a dumb brain if you really thinking like that.
Do you know how much each gold spammer or should i say gold seller spend each month on the game !!!! each month each of them buy more than 50 new games to replace for the account got from blizzard ... 50 games * $50 = $2500 .. yes two thousands five hundreds dollars each months , and you know how many gold seller are there , hundreds of them ...!!!

OK now , how much you make for blizzard , you spend $50 and play forever until you quit , they spend $2500 each month as long as the game still there ...

my point is NO MONEY = NO TALK ...

Did anyone else have as hard of a time reading this as I did? I read it twice and I think I understand what he/she was trying to say but am still not quite sure.

03/01/2013 03:22 PMPosted by SaintCoultz
How long does it take to fix this really Just go into any chat and you can see the accounts doing it then ban their asses


I swear some of you people are bound and determined to destroy the trade economy of this game.
Blizzard can fix this without taking no where near such exaggerated idiotic measures.Haven't you
types already hurt the game enough to be satisfied?You got your easy mode,your BoA's,your
failed AH,Jay Wilsons departure.This generation of gamers like you can never be pleased just
admit it and move on

I don't think it would hurt the economy if they disallowed direct gold transfers between characters. Items could still be bought and sold via the AH. Personally, I never trade in person due to all the damned scammers out there. That's another problem that would be solved.

That would work as well. It would also help with the sales on the AH and if two players want to sell/buy something they can do so through the AH.

In addition to server based spam protection (which is broken for more than a day), perhaps create client based system where D3 players can filter out messages containing user selected words.

THIS! If Acti-Bliz-a-vision doesn't implement this, we KNOW they are in on it.

I have always wondered if they are, personally if I ran the company I would do the same thing and run multiple sites to sell the product especially when they know there is a huge market for it.
they can just make a SPAM channel,
when a gold spammer posts the spam, someone in china smacks their Mother upside the head
I'll donate $100 to get this started

Awesome idea!!! I am so in for this!!
Blizz, plz use some of those millions of REAL $$$ to just shut down all those websites LOL

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