Whimyshire worth running?

I remember going to this secret level before paragon level was implemented.. Waaay back.

So I am running a TR build now.. Wondering if it is worth running to this map to farm/level paragon and then running to kill Warden at act 1?

Would this be a good route? Are there any changes to whimyshire that it is worth running now on inferno? I only have the herd of staff at nightmare.. So I will need to spend 1m to upgrade it, better be worth running if I do.
LOL, i dont even have the portal! Last time I used to piggyback off people for rides!

Take me along with you!!
I've been there a few times. It's got pretty good density. The only trouble might be the difficulty of the mobs--they seemed about one MP level higher. I didn't check their health, but they took longer to take down and hit like trucks. For TR, this means that one-shotting them on your usual level might not be possible.
I have ran it a few times with the my monk and my DH (since 1.07) and the mobs seem about the same as regular routes. Give it a shot, you will encounter several mobs and elites to take out...before or after key/uber runs is a good time for Whimyshire.
yeah.. only do it if you can kill them quick enough, and dont bother back tracking to clear the whole place.

on a side note, i had to make 2 staffs... i dropped my white staff on the ground accidentally back in 1.0.2 :(
I have the staff never really use it thou, if you do key runs and ubers its a great place to get some stacks in A1.

not sure if you can get a full 5 from it....
I think there are always 5 in it.

@Tarzan - my brother did the same thing, back in the day! :(
The only question you need to answer when deciding whether or not to run Whimyshire is this:

Do I feel like killing any unicorns today?

(I find the answer is usually "Yes")
Helping the spouse out with leveling her characters, we found that Alk run was much much much faster. Of course we did have to open all the clouds and clear the zone in whimshire...and we also grab all bodies, chests, etc from the alk run.
I still go there when I'm bored.
I go there once and a while to change it up as well.
I like to go to Whimsy if I'm taking someone who has never been, or if it's someone who doesn't have the staff. Otherwise, it's kind of ... meh.

I didn't answer your question, though. :D It'd be beneficial if you could find someone with the staff willing to take you on a run. I'm sure any number of us friendly monks would be happy to. ^_^
As far as I could tell from running it a few times it doesn't seem like it is an easy map to run efficiently and if you need stacks just do leoric's maner then go to festering woods and you have 5 stacks
If I'm doing something in Act 1, I will run Whimsy as well. Good mob density and always around 5 elites.
You know what I want to know? How much XP everything in Whimsyshire is worth. Might be worth beating up that area just for the XP, assuming it's better than expected for the HP you have to cut through.

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