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I hope that this counts as a “Community Creation”. This is a calculator tool I have been working on for quite some time now that will estimate the fair market price for any Diablo 3 item. I don’t know if anybody here ever actually visited my previous versions, but I just released the next version with some substantial improvements that will hopefully make it more useful. Please come check it out and if you have some time submit some calibration feedback to help improve accuracy.
It needs work. I know full well every piece of my gear is worth in the millions. Your tool doesnt even value them at much more than 50,000 each.
I'm sorry, but all your scales are linear. Which means the price doesn't escalate that well. A 1500dps 1 handed wand should not be around 100k gold... Just fix the value scaling (exponential) and the scaling with skills combined.

Example of a disastrously low priced weapon:


+350 Int
3% dmg to life
level req -18
each hit +959 life
+2765 life after each kill
35%chance to bleed for 1700-2976 over 5seconds
+350 Vit
+21 monster exp
2.6% chance to stun
empty socket

probably not possible to get....

Estimated Price: 295.689 gold....hmm...yeah

Anyways, just fix the linear scaling, that everything (on their own) scales exponentially, and thus even more exponentially together.
You'll have to figure out which combinations rush up the prices together. Eg. Crit chance+Crit dmg+attack speed on same item pushes up the prices by a lot
I'd buy that wand right now!
yaaaa my perfect tri gloves are valued at 71k. pretty sure the gold market hasnt dropped THAT much
Was bored again, and did a little experiment. This is what I came up with:

Mara's Kaleidoscope

Legendary Amulet
+350 Intelligence
Increases attack speed by 9%
Critical Hit Chance Increased by 10%
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 100%
Each hit adds +959 Life
+16% Life
+350 Vitality
+80 Resistance to All Elements
+397 Armor
+40-105 Damage
Reduced damage from melee by 6%
Reduced damage from ranged by 6%
+350 Strength
+350 Dexterity
Reduces duration of Control Impairing effects by 14%
5.2% Chance to Blind on Hit
Regenerates 600 Per second
+2880 Life after Each Kill
Class Specific Skill Bonus (Varies)
Monster kills grant +24 Experience
45% Better chance of Finding Magical Items
Melee attackers take 2560 damage per hit
Health Globes and Potions Grant +12790 Life
+60 Arcane Resistance
+60 Cold Resistance
+60 Fire Resistance
+60 Lightning Resistance
+60 Physical Resistance
+60 Poison Resistance
+50% Extra Gold from Monsters
Empty Socket

Estimated Price: 1,259,744
A 1500 dps mace with socket, 100% crit damage, 250 str and 3% LS is valued at 204,623 gold.

Um, I think you'd be lucky to find someone willing to sell that 200 BILLION gold...
lol its not giving me prices for any of my items...lol

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