Emotions, outrage! You're embarrassing yourselves.

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I love posts like this, reminds me that sanity does exist on the general forums.
Hands down, the best thread I've ever read on these forums. You pretty much summed up in a nice little package everything I feel when reading these insane forums.

Up-voted and bookmarked.

So win:

1) Arguments (if we could call them as much) based on opinions and devoid of any rational justification or contextual examples are worthless, unproductive, nonconstructive, and a waste of everyone's time to read. Things are not true just because you say they are! Your expectations that anyone, developer or otherwise, should respect your opinion and grant your wishes is ridiculous and unrealistic. If you want to see change, explain what you believe the problem to be, provide relevant examples, and propose reasonable solutions.

And here's a pro-tip for life: Never walk into your bosses office complaining about a problem unless you have at least a couple solutions in mind.
Up-voted and bookmarked.

So win

Thanks man - real life pro-tips for the win!

(Even if people reading this disagree with my post, hate me, and/or want me to die in a fiery car accident - that piece of advice is good and it would behoove anyone to remember it. For reals.)
I just flipped through a few pages of the very popular http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7979928675 (10 reasons why this game is fail) and http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7979938071 (I don't get all the multi-platform negativity) posts.

And here's a pro-tip for life: Never walk into your bosses office complaining about a problem unless you have at least a couple solutions in mind.

So please, stop trolling yourselves and everyone else. Just stop.

i am going to have to disagree with your idea that you should never walk into a boss's room without solutions...if your boss is not compassionate enough to not see you are suffering than he/she is not qualified to be a boss
I'm not talking about personal stuff, I'm talking about a work related issue. Like - boss, we're not being efficient turning our widgets into whatzits!
Re: Post 33 - BERSERKER makes a very logical, well written post about why console games are dumbed down and Deaded goes silent. lol

Sometimes, believe it or not, things outside of the forums happen.

Yes, Berserker did make some good points. His statement mostly revolves around:

This has to do with the control scheme differences between consoles and PC

I disagree that something like Halo is necessarily dumbed down because of the control method. I think we're talking about different kinds of games with different skill sets. I do appreciate and respect his thoughtful response - this is what I hope for from the forums. He and I may differ on our opinion at the end of the day, but he took the time to explain what he thought.

Posts like Mr. CrazyRage over there - not so much.

What you all need to understand is that I don't really care to defend D3, and I don't consider myself a fanboy. I'm just making commentary on the assumptions, rancor, and idiocy I see smeared across these boards by people who can barely form an English sentence. The environment is downright toxic, and it worries me; not about the game, but about people.

This thread is about *HOW* people go about complaining more than *WHAT* they're complaining about. I would bet I probably have a lot of similar gripes with game mechanics as many other people on the forum - I just try not to show my @#$ about it.

Whether or not Halo specifically was dumbed down because of this technical limitation is open to debate, however, this aspect of comparison is not a matter of opinion. There are significant technical restraints in comparison that severely limit the potential skill ceiling of maneuverability within a game world. This limitation is ever-present in these games, which inherently means it has to be simplified for the sake of design. Again, this is not a matter of opinion.

However, its impact on games and their design, to some degree, is.

My statement extracted that as one example of potential reasons. I also hinted to the fact by intuitive logic the userbase will have younger players. Another reason is user-friendliness. It requires significantly less effort to play a game on xbox than to first install, then do manual patches, and updating your drivers, etc., than it is to click 'Yes' on 'New patch available for download. Proceed?'

Another indication is that the target demographic is arguably more casual. This can be seen by the comparison of genres. There are no party-games being pushed on PC. But on consoles, we have popular party titles such as Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Wii Sports, Castle Crashers, Mario Party, etc. These are intended to be played in social settings where people talk amongst each other. By design, people are not required to invest large amounts of concentration to enjoy the game.

I just chose to scrutinize one point for the sake of actually offering an appropriate argument instead of shallow analysis that does nothing to convince anyone (like the two above examples.)

I genuinely don't think we have anything to really debate. As long as we are aware of the truths and facts, we can make our own opinions. However, one fact is that one system is significantly more limited than another. Therefore, logic dictates that for something to be designed to work on both, it will not fully utilize the potential of the other system.

In your OP you were also talking about conspiracy theorists and the like, and I don't believe it's nearly as ominous. However, ports are very rarely clean and convenient by coincidence, and there was a break in design direction at some point 4 years ago in beta, which indicated a shift to a more simplified system (removal of skill trees, etc.) Whether or not this was instigated by motivation for ease of transfer to consoles is again, open to discussion and conspiracy theorists alike.
Someone just got backfired without even convinced himself lol.

Anyway, be it a rational or an irrational complaint. If the same or similar argument came up over and over, and being supported by the majority. As long as the complaints, those that had mentioned before but never got any response, are from the customers, they will have great impact on the company's reputation.

"There's no stupid questions."
There are no embarrassing complaints, either.
An embarrassment only is there when the company doesn't give a good response to the complaint.
02/26/2013 08:20 PMPosted by sonoranranch
if your boss is not compassionate enough to not see you are suffering than he/she is not qualified to be a boss

I disagree. I've never had compassionate supervisors, and I'm okay with that. It makes me step up and deliver. My team leader doesn't have time to resolve situations for me, he has a ton of responsibility both ways up the ladder. So if you consistently can't provide solutions, then you will be given less responsibility or ultimately released. Nothing personal.

(I work in consulting, btw)

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