Error 0 variation

Bug Report
I have had the error 0 cannot buy or sell items for about 5 days now, I had cleared my completed tab (which was maxed) 2 days ago but i still could not buy or sell anything. Today i logged on and tried buying a chipped gem and it worked. I tried selling stuff and it worked as well.

Before any of this started though there was a single item that has been giving me error 0 for weeks now. Its a pair of shoulders my in stash called resplendent guards. I have been trying to sell this item for weeks now and it STILL gives me an error 0. Im not really upset and trying to bug blizzard on this one. The reason I post is so they can see this out of the norm error 0 problem and see if maybe a single item could somehow result in a chain reaction.

Best of luck blizz on trying to debug this problem! Im sure the amount of code you guys are going through is astronomical. o.O

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