You sold an auction!

Technical Support
Congratulations on your successful auction in Diablo III!

Item name: (bla bla bla...)
Sell Price: $0.00 (huh no??)
Transaction Fee: $0.00 (I hope so...)
Application Taxes: $0.00 (phew!)
Your proceeds: $0.00 (sigh)

So I'm congratulated for not selling anything. Am I alone receiving such e-mails? My auctions simply expired and my balance couldn't be updated when I reached the RMAH.
This just happened to me this morning! I am at school so I can't check diablo 3 but this exact message was emailed to me. Got me all excited that I sold something and then freaked out because I got no money from it. L
These emails are a result of the work they're doing on the earlier "RMAH not sending emails" issue. They're still working on it though as you can see it's not quite right yet.
I just received the same sort of emails. I checked my completed tab, and the items were marked as "unsold" and were in the "completed items" tab ready to be sent back to my stash. The items also did not last the one day twelve hours they were supposed to. Did someone try to buy them and it didn't work? Items should not expire in less than a day.

Please keep up the good work and let us know when it's safe to use the RMAH.

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