what build should I use with my gear

i dont know what build I should use with my gear.. can sum1 help me out ? I don't have enought life steal since my EF is crit dmg / os =/
If you want to use meteor i would get some Attack Power on Crit on your gear so you can spam it more. Most builds rely on High Crit chance and either APOC or critical mass. Try and get crit chance up in the 40's

Some basic builds you can run with your gear is Archon for low MP farming

Also the Blizz Hydra/Forked lightning build is decent:
Use a scoundrel for extra crit and a high knockback windforce is really helpful.

Drop Blizzard and hydra then electrocute until 5 stacks of Dynamo and then recast hydra for good dmg. Teleport when you get hit with illusionist for the reset. Depending on your resists and EHP you may want to use Prismatic armor.

Lots of kiting builds you can run on low MP with that dmg you have.

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