over 20 duped manticores on the AH

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Gj blizz
And they thought DRM would stop this. as if lol
this guy tried to sell me that duped manticore for like 400m which ended up being a fail scam attempt. I think he might play a role with these manticores

what you mean they arent the same since they have different bid times, amounts, and / or buy outs =P thats what blizzard says anyways and from different accounts probably
either way the smart duper would be making them affordable to disperse the ill gotten items to as many people as possible .. why make it at a price point like maybe 2% of the entire population could afford?
02/26/2013 06:07 PMPosted by Sÿlak
to find deals!

It is still expensive. No deals for me.
02/26/2013 06:07 PMPosted by Sÿlak
over 20 duped manticores on the AH

Awesome! Thanks for the info! Its good to have AH investigators helping to find deals! Smashing!

it would take 5 seconds if "investigating" to find these dupes, but promote cheating all you want i guess, how many cod accounts u have banned?
I don't really care. D2 had ridiculous duping and I loved that game pretty much everyday for almost 4 years straight. Loved it after that, just not everyday, heh.
Can you find me a good deal on Intel Mempo and high damage Chantodo's Force dupe?

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