Looking for friends for uban 8+..

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I live in Syndey and am looking for friends to do uban 8+ together. (maybe key farming... I use Monk for Key farming)

I can not do mp8 alone... Sometimes I managed to go through it but wastes too much time.

I can solo Mp7 and carry one person.

As a group, I can go mp8 + as I did it before. But I think for me, mp8 is much more efficient. Depending on group, mp10 can be cleared pretty fast from my experience.

I am looking for a group (two or more) with similar states as me (not expecting someone much better or much worse) with machines.

By sharing machines, we can get the ring more...

I will be using Barb... with Hota build... depends on the group, I will gear differently...

with Wizard, I tend to gear towards DPS... with others, a bit more defence.

Please msg me if you are interested.


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