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I think D3 is heading in the right direction with every given major patch. To me, the game has become a lot more fun than it was at release and I have hope that it'll continue in that direction.

I know there are certain issues with the game that can never be fixed, like the disappointing story and the lack of that 'horror' feeling. But the game play seems to be headed in the right direction.

I love the ubers - makes playing with others fun. I hope to see more of this
I love the monster power system
I love the addition of ilvl 63 crafting
I love the paragon levels
I love the increased drop rate in legendary, set and plans
I'm sure there are other things I've left off that I'm glad they implemented.

The point is that seeing that they are continuing to support the game gives me hope that it will just keep on getting better.

I hope they continue to work on is PvP , gear itemization, b.net 2.0 and a way to expand on customizing the looks of our characters. Also, make a better loot management system as well as make the AH less clunky. If they can make b.net 2.0 into something like steam, where it promotes a strong gaming community, I think that would be awesome.

I got a lot of playing time out of D3 and I really enjoy the improvements that have come along with each patch. Sorry to see so many folks who feel differently.

The game has been made and released, nothing you can do about that but support the team working behind it and be optimistic that they'll keep working to improve it.
Someone positive. I completely agree that D3 is headed in the right direction. I left early around 1.02 or 1.03 can't remember and came back and 1.06 and have been having a blast with my barb and Wiz. My WD will probably be next or my Monk. The game has greatly improved, even bought a copy for my little brother and him and I team up with me as a WD and him a DH. He is currently stronger than me since I found a couple legendary items that suited his character well (was on normal difficulty that I found the three legs and I was shocked, I found Crudest Boots, a quiver, and a Dex rolled Moonlight Ward). Though they weren't useful to me I was glad that I found something good that benefited our team.
I think one of the issue is that the development team is slow at implementing things that seem so simple... such as a comma in the US AH. I think if the development team was more open and either respond to why it takes so long to implement what we think are simple solutions or address simple problems quicker, the community would be a bit happier.

But overall, I think the game really is improving. Still a ways to go but got to start somewhere.
Agreed. Looking forward to the visual customization of the items on my characters, among other things.

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