MP10 Self Found Wizard Death Pool - 3m !!!

My first death pool, decided to roll an MP10 self-found wizzy: SelfRhychuss.

RULES: Since I have lots of HC gold and level 10 artisan and jeweler, I will basically just be using gems and crafting from essences only this character finds...working with what I can here. I will set aside space in my stash for this. The AH will not be utilized in any way, shape, or form. You can bet on a Paragon Level. If she gets to Inferno I will probably just make into a normal character, but we shall see...I doubt that will happen!

Thus far she is at level 8, and I am about to play some so take that into consideration as you place bets. You can only bet once.

What most of you want to know: Winrar of the death pool takes 3m HC gold. GL all!!!

EDIT: levels taken shown below (yes died at 10 from a VERY rare DC for me, but only 1 or 2 had bets in, therefore I'm rerolling so we can have an actual lottery here! DC deaths on the next character will count as a death, though I highly doubt that will happen.)

bcd1024 27
BroJob 23
Trog 46
Cuny 57
huanAK 29
RoFerrari 35
Mischa 18
krazlys 21
crazed123 20
Thominator 54
Sceiron 13
k1llface 49
tanhongyee 42
Khal 31
fatvirgin 33
Demiwraith 32
Jar 15
Trohck 44
Mantisfrog 45
Rockandsnow 39
Artman 37
Fury 51
las (ingame) 52
Lycotic 34
Revan 47
Anetheroc 50
Bangarang PL7
JasonLee 53
Are we betting on death level or furthest progress?

Level 27 death. Or Act III Nightmare if we're betting on progress.
We're bettin on level so you got 27...if it were progress I would have to ask for not only the act and difficulty but the quest to make it really interesting. :D
bump for your chance at free gold
Sounds interesting. I just started HC and I'm running mp10 as well. I'll bet 23.
I'll bet 46.
complete effin BS...I haven't had a disconnect in over 2 months, there have been many people complaining about lag today and the AH was randomly down earlier as well...

F'IN DISCONNECT, was a bout to hit 11 and at the part where u hit Leoric's Sword and the pillars spawn skeletons, so literally the worst time to DC.

Rerolling and every1 who's bet is in will remain the same unless you want to change it...not playing anymore tonight on HC, too many lag stories for this BS.

wow...and as I am typing this I got error 3007 time out just sitting in the lobby...no1 play for a while.
Level 29

Possible ACT3 Phasebeast / Fatty blood mage
Level 19
level 18 = )
guys, he died at lvl 10 already......
02/28/2013 06:26 AMPosted by Kegger
guys, he died at lvl 10 already......

Yea, but I'm not letting an early DC like that stopping this, the next roll will be official, but I had multiple people warn me of lag last night and I still played. So game on.
54, good luck!
I go with 49!!!

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