Monk Direction for HC?

Hey guys, recently quit SC and came to HC, loving it. Been rough on me as my first toon died to a DC. but ive got back to where I want to be and stronger than last time, I was just wondering what monks look for specifically in build and stats for HC. I can farm mp0 A3 inferno but scared to go into A4 since my last attempt my buddy died lol. Just looking for some hints tips and stats and build I should be looking at. Thanks guys!
Quick and Dirty tips version

Normally get your defensive side covered first, then start improving DPS.

Choose an elemental resist and go double resist on your gear and use the passive One With Everything.
Near Death Experience is mandatory imo. If you put there and it doesn't proc till you get 100 paragon it's already worth having it.
Serenity is very good for early gear levels and many keep it all the way up. immunity is immunity.
Seize the Initiative is good when your Dex is somewhat high imo...normally I go for it when I'm above 2k Dex.

Always use a shield. Some people use DW or 2handed builds, but those are normally more expensive and require much better gear AND normally have reduced eHP.

Some pieces are more offensive oriented while others are more defensive oriented. use that to make better use of your money.
For example, belts are normally defensive and you could get higher defensive stats here for a cheaper price...gloves are normally offensive and you could get like cc, some ias and mid range dex for a good price...if you add vit there it skyrocket and lets not even talk about a trifect with vit

some legendaries favor some Res choices...Cindercoat can double roll Fire Res, Andies Visage comes with Poison Res...just some examples...

Pick some type of sustain, otherwise will be very hard to live with a monk. People normally go for Life on Hit... Life Steal is bad till you have like 80-90k DPS+...LpSS is meh imo, its good as a second option but can't really keep you up by itself.
Life regen is always good to have as much as you can on top of your chosen main sustain.
I got all that down, im just curious of stats that NEED to be hit. right now im at 840 all resist 54k life @ 34k dps. Im also running Overawe instead of hard target and healing mantra. I think I may have over shot a little bit in the resistance department but not sure of that as of yet thanks for the info though
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right now im at 840 all resist 54k life @ 34k dps.

Change your boots, and shield. Get boots with Armor, Dex, Vitality, and Movespeed. Get a shield iLvl62 or 63. Hallowed Defender is an option, but once with good stats can get pricey. Instead of Fire Resist, or Resist All, you should get some more armor. They're cheaper than finding Resist All/Dual Resist, and should help you gain some more EHP.
its hard giving up my shield. My armor is 4.4k right now. 840 all resist. A defender is a massive dps loss only 100-200 armor gain but keep in mind I lose armor when I lose dex. and the hallowed defender. I lose all dex on whats up for grabs in the AH. only gain 1k hp and lose 3k dps. doesnt seem worth it to me
my bad 4.7k armor is what I have
Shenlongs relentless assault is a good starter weapon. Always has 700+ loh and 1000+dps, its good until you can find a lifesteal wep that doesn't bring down your damage.
I had a crystal fist with LS but LS really sucks at my dps tier
I'd say you're ready for Act 4. You're profile is probably out of date (they don't seem to be updating right now), but I'll be going by that. My advice:

You could do it right now if you change nothing. But if you want to be more safe: MoH:Time of need and pick either Tempest Rush or Dashing Strike instead of Blinding Flash. Switch all your gems to purple. And go one step up with the gems if you can (at least in the helm).

Honestly, you should be fine in Act 4. I don't think I had as much stuff as you when I first did it. Your biggest fears are the Key Warden and elite Mallet Lords. If you get to Diablo, you can beat him.

I don't see gear on your Templar. Make sure you give him stuff. I prefer a weapon with some sort of proc (like Sky Splitter) and some IAS rings, to maximize procs. Other than that, just AR and Vot to keep him alive, since he's not a significant source of damage.

You're ready to at least step into Atc 4 and try it, though.
I think your ready just take it slow or you can try to crafts some vitality pieces. to up your ehp. Good luck
Yeah I actually completed A4 with my partner last night (FLEX) was scary on some parts haha. but isnt that the thrill of the game? :) and do I really need all vit gems? 52k seems like a good number to have but I can always be wrong. Digging all the feedback ill update profile
For MP-0, at 52K Life, you don't need the purple gems. At 34K DPS, you don't need the green gems either. Go with whatever feels better for you.
What would be the breakpoint to blast through Mp1-2 inferno A3?
I can't give you any hard rules. Just play it and you'll feel if you're killing it or not. I'll give you one personal guideline I do keep in mind, though:

78K lIfe, 500+ LoH, 2.4% LS, 930 AR, 62 LpSS (From Transcendence). 57K DPS. Those stats are enough to demolish MP-3 and hunt for DEs there solo.... until I misjudged a situation and now he's dead.

So I'd say you need more than that to "safely" farm MP-3. I'd played higher than MP-3 with that guy before, but bad stuff happens. Even when you have enough stats to "blast through" that difficulty.
Yeah some E groups have the dumbest set of affixes on them lol. I guess ill just work on mp0-1 and see where it takes me, I made sure I was 200% ready for A4 but still had some "OH !@#$" moments.
Rolled MP1 A1 easily enough after getting to about 45k DPS, 50k HP, 500+ resists, 500+LoH. A3 was doable, but I could see where a bad double-elite mob might kill me. Now at 75k DPS and 900 LoH (paragon 15) and A3 is easy enough too, thought I stick to A1 usually out of caution.
Well i got an innas radiance with armor today boosted my armor to 5.2k 800 all res without using resist mantra @ 42k dps. 52k life. just rand mp3 A1 for gigs. Mp1-2 A3 is going pretty easy too. Im not too cautious of A3 though really. me and my buddy have solid control over most E's. He's a WD so bear burst is nice!
Also my LoH is around 932 I believe from ammy. So thats helping me alot as well. Want to drop the shield and dual wield but my logical brain is telling me not too >:(
Try out new things when you feel comfortable, and make sure you have a back up set in case death finds you.
lol yeah hopefully death wont find me for a long while. Found some sick dex arcane all res move speed ice climbers that im hoping to sell to fund me some more gears :) omnom! Still not sure what my resist all should be looking like, im liking staying in the 700-800 AR range

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